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Isidore Rappoport is a freelance writer living in New York. He also owns a smoothie stand on 92nd and Broadway.

Synagogue Establishes "Fantasy Shul League"

Competition heats up to draft best "Daveners."

756!!! Barry Berman All-Time Aliyah King

Berman tainted with allegation he is not from the tribe of Levi.

The Office Exodus

First there was Charlton Heston, and now there's Jim Halpert.

The Shushan Times

2300 year old Persian Newspaper recently discovered!

The Office: The Lost Purim Episode

The script of NBC's hit comedy that the Network doesn't want you to see.

Mid-Term Synagogue Elections Turn Ugly

Incumbent at risk of losing his seat due to unpopular Kiddush policies.

Entenmann Bar Mitzvah

12-Year-old Boy Requests Modest Bar Mitzvah Celebration; Parents Outraged

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