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Dr. Joshua Ritchie

Rabbi Joshua Ritchie, MD, is Dean of the Refuah Institute, author of “13 STEPS TO HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS” along with numerous other published works including articles in major medical journals. He has been a professor in several medical schools, as well as practicing and teaching counseling and psychotherapy for over 30 years. He founded the Refuah Institute, a religious, educational non-profit organization in 1994. Refuah Institute offers training programs and counseling relating to health issues from a holistic (Mind-Body-Soul) Torah perspective. Rabbi Ritchie’s wife, Liliane, a talented artist, mother of their 5 children, a counselor, teacher and author assists in all the Refuah projects.

13 Steps to Harmonious Relationships

The essential qualities to look for in a soul mate, and to nurture in oneself.

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