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Miriam Katz

Miriam Katz, as a young secular Jew growing up in Boston, used to dream of becoming a marine biologist. Then about 30 years of other things happened, during which time she learned how to speak Italian and got a degree in education from a college that was formerly a barn. Currently, she lives in Jerusalem, where she is a mother, writer, and soul-searcher. She spends her days raising her family, helping her husband with his educational revolution, and trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

Behind the Façade, a Human Being

People are much more complex (and interesting!) than the simple roles in which we cast them.

Matzah: The Taste of Freedom

Eating Matzah connects us to our innermost essence, where our true freedom lies.

Hippie Chanukah

Amidst the pre-Xmas frenzy, a group of idealistic college students unexpectedly discover Chanukah's quiet illumination.

The Scam

In a culture where skepticism is the norm, I'm a sucker.

Eat, Bubele, Eat

Marriage has brought out my latent Yiddishe-mama genes. Suddenly I've become a person who frets about whether the kugel is crispy on top.

The Inner Exile

Everywhere else in the world being Jewish makes you different. In Israel, being Jewish is normal. And that, somehow, is the strangest thing of all.


Days after we got married, we suddenly found ourselves with nowhere to live. How do you build the home of your dreams in a hotel room?

Found in Translation

The Spanish couple on the textbook was breezy and carefree. The Italians were beautiful and moody. Now I'm living in Israel learning Hebrew and it's a whole different story.

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