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Ayelet lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, and is also known as "The Kosher Komic". She often travels to bring her Kosher Komedy routine to communities worldwide. More information can be seen at: www.KosherKomedy.com. Ayelet davens 40 days for people via www.westernwallprayers.org

Glass of Gratitude

It's always totally full.

Blanket of Laughter

I was using humor as a defense from feeling vulnerable, but when I realized it was coming at the expense of others, I decided to change my ways.

The Body, the Bridge, and the Black Hat

It all started with playing a dead body on an episode of one of the highest-rated series.

Prayin' Alive

I was ready to write my friend off as dead. I decided to pray for her instead.

The Way Home

Yes you can go home again.

My Cell Phone

I wanted to start keeping Shabbat, but it meant shutting off the cell phone I was enslaved to.

Where is My Mind?

You know where your hands are; do you know where your mind is?

Change of Fate

When a burglar tried to enter my home, did my actions earlier that day affect the outcome?

The Stop Button

How I got out of the never-ending cycle of work, struggle and stress.

No Way Out

When I look behind me and see no help, and I look ahead of me and see no hope, I am now very sure to look above me.

Where is God?

I thought God was ignoring me since He wasn't answering my prayers. Then one day I got the unexpected reply.

40 Days for a Stranger

Every day, I pour out my heart, praying that she should get married.

Weight Loss and Teshuva

Getting in shape, physically and spiritually.

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