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Rabbi Simcha Barnett

Rabbi Simcha Barnett is the Director of Jinspire, a Jewish unity organization committed to bringing Jews together around our beautiful and common heritage. A Dartmouth College graduate, who played intercollegiate tennis, Rabbi Barnett began his professional life as an Investment Banker with Lehman Brothers in New York and later in San Francisco. While on a visit to Israel, at the culmination of a round-the-world trip, he stumbled upon some classes offered by Aish in the Old City of Jerusalem. The depth and relevance of the wisdom impressed him and led to several years of study, culminating in his rabbinical ordination in Israel. Rabbi Barnett went on to found branches of Aish in Philadelphia and Livingston, NJ where he was able to share his knowledge of and passion for Jewish learning with Jewish families and Executives. His background and perspective gives him a unique ability to introduce Jews to the depth and beauty of Judaism. He currently lives with his wife Aviva, and their amazing boys in Passaic, NJ.

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