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Dr. Meir Wikler

Dr. Meir Wikler is a psychotherapist and family counselor in private practice in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the author of, Partners With Hashem: Effective Guidelines for Successful Parenting (Artscroll/Mesorah, 2000).

Unusual Sibling Rivalry

Help! Our 7-year-old son is constantly picking fights with his younger sister.

Bringing Children to a Funeral

Was I wrong to bring our 10-year-old daughter to her grandfather's funeral?

Gaining Cooperation

How to get your kids to help with chores and household responsibilities.

Making Friends

Helping children build friendships that last.

What Did You Just Say?

Effective ways to respond to your child's disrespect.

Maybe it's Serious?

Dealing with childhood fears of illness and death.

Addicted to Internet

How to help your teenagers who are hooked online.

Bullies and Nebs

Helping your child navigate the childhood food chain.

Dying to be Thin: Teenage Eating Disorders

Symptoms, causes and what can be done about them.

Motivating an Underachiever

Effective strategies on how to get your child to do better in school.

My Child, the Thief

Practical advice for parents of children who steal.

Teen Substance Abuse

A first aid guide for parents.

There's a Monster Under My Bed!

Helping your preschoolers cope with nocturnal fears.

Helping Your Teenager Cope with Cliques

Practical dos and don'ts to navigate the often stressful social scene.

Lion Taming

How to deal with your spouse's anger.

Preventing Adolescent Suicide

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people who committed suicide gave some warning before taking their lives.

How to talk to your kids about smoking: the Jewish perspective

How parents can prevent their children from smoking.

The 24 Hour Rule

Bite your tongue if necessary, and wait a day before rebutting your spouse on any controversial or emotionally charged topic.

Obesity in Children

What parents should do -- and not do -- to meet the challenge.

Honey, Just Listen!

How to finally get your spouse to truly hear you.

Learning How to Talk to Your Spouse

Four communication skills essential for success in marriage.

Coming Home

Coming home after a long day is fraught with expectations and surprises. Some tips for damage control.

Ten Rules for Effective Communication

How to speak so your spouse will listen.

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