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Tzvi Nightingale

Rabbi Tzvi Nightingale is Director of Aish South Florida. Tzvi grew up in Toronto, Canada, home of the perennially losing Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey team. He attended Aish Jerusalem in the summer of 1979, determined to gain access to great Jewish works and thinkers such as the Talmud and Maimonides. Little did he know that it would take far longer than two months; he ended up staying in Israel for nine years. He received rabbinic ordination in 1985 and met his wife Karen, who grew up in London and is the great-granddaughter of the former chief rabbi of Meshed, Iran. As can only happen in Israel, Canadian-Polish-Jewish became intertwined with British-Israeli-Persian. Rabbi Nightingale has been involved in Aish South Florida since 1989 and has been Executive Director since 1993. During that time he has met over 20,000 people who have attended Aish programs, but he does not remember all of their names. In the meantime, watching his beloved Maple Leafs not win a championship since 1967 has taught Rabbi Nightingale the importance of patiently waiting for the arrival of Moshiach.

Wait... They're Getting Divorced?!

Why couples grow apart and what you can do about it.

Four Lessons from Tom Brady

The greatest of all time can teach us a thing or two about what it takes to surpass expectations and attain unimaginable success.

The Zamboni Driver who Made NHL History

Ready or not, at some point in your life the Big Leagues come calling and you've got to get into the game.

The Giving Tree: A Tu B’Shvat Insight

The holiday of trees celebrates the essence of life and Creation: giving.

Chanukah: It's Greek to Me

What is the essential philosophical difference between the Greeks and the Jews?

Dusty Boots

In Israel, I encountered a platoon of new soldiers, exhausted from a training drill. Inexplicably, I couldn’t keep my eyes off their boots.

Shavuot: The Bare Bones Holiday

Dust off the wedding album and go back to the chuppah when you looked into each other's eyes and saw only love, potential and meaning.

Judaism’s Golden Rule

Whatever is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man.

How to Handle Toxic People

Three pieces of advice from ancient Jewish wisdom.

The Secret to Esther’s Beauty

How did Esther suddenly become the new "It Girl"? It wasn’t just her good looks.

Mystery Men and Women in our Lives

How small moments make a huge difference.

Tapping into the Magic of Passover

How to make miracles in your life.

The 30-Day Jewish Challenge

Are you up for the challenge?

The Evil Eye

We bring it upon ourselves through hubris, self-centeredness and insensitivity to others.

Bye Bye Batman

I had no idea my comic collection would become so valuable.

Yeah, But What Is He Really Like?

Three keys to peering into the soul of the person you’re dating.

The Biggest Mistake Married Couples Make

How to make sure you don’t grow apart.

Superman & the Jewish Mission

We all want to live in a world where goodness triumphs over evil.

Matzah: Racing Out of Egypt

Why did God rush us out of Egypt?

The Biggest Mistake Parents Make

They’re afraid to expect, let alone demand, discipline, rules and chores.

Top 10 Dating Myths, Part 2

Does love conquer all?

Top 10 Dating Myths, Part 1

How to avoid common dating legends.

Married Couples' Biggest Mistake

If couples fail to nurture their marriage, eventually they'll grow apart.

Egypt, Ishmael & the Fight for Self-Respect

Solving the Palestinian-Israel conflict isn't the lynch pin. Dignity is.

The Organization that Cried Wolf

The UN has lost all credibility and many real victims now suffer.

A House Divided

God's House will be rebuilt only when each Jew truly cares and loves his or her fellow Jew.

Photo from Dachau

Was that my father standing behind the barbed wire?

Looking for Mr. Munk

There was something different about Mr. Munk's Hebrew school class -- Judaism was not a bore.

In the Big Inning

The Florida Marlins were so much fun to watch because something came from nothing.

Flying Solo

My middle son has a couple of hard acts to follow. He's doing it his own special way.

The Nice German

At the German consulate with my father, a Holocaust survivor.

Cherishing Your Past

Passover reminds us that not only can't you escape your past, but you have to cherish it too.

A True Luminary

The Jewish people have lost a great leader and I have lost a mentor.

Our Failed Mission

There are a lot worse off parts of the globe that George Mitchell should visit and fix other than the Middle East.

Oil: Paying the Price

Do the speculators have us over barrel?

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