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Susie Fishbein

Susie Fishbein is the author of the bestseller cookbook Kosher By Design and the just released Kosher By Design Entertains (ArtScroll Mesorah Publications). She holds an MS degree from Brooklyn College and resides in Livingston NJ with her husband and four children. She is currently working on a new volume for children "Kosher By Design - Kids in the Kitchen", due for release in Nov. 2005.

Kosher by Design Brings It Home

International cuisine from a new cookbook in the bestselling series.

Susie Fishbein’s Cooking Secrets

In her new cookbook, Susie reveals her best recipes, tips and techniques to make anyone a better cook.

Kosher By Design: Teens and 20-Somethings

An imaginative, original cookbook for young people.

A Delicious Passover

Elegantly simple Passover recipes.

Passover by Design

An exclusive Aish.com excerpt.

Kosher By Design: Short on Time

A selection from 140 fabulous brand-new recipes with the busy person in mind.

Judaism Starts In the Kitchen

Select recipes from the new cookbook, Kosher By Design Entertains: Fabulous Recipes for Parties & Every Day

Passover: Kosher By Design

Exquisite Passover recipes from the bestselling cookbook.

Kosher by Design

Selected recipes from a magnificent new cookbook.

Kosher By Design: Lightens Up

Lean and luscious: Susie Fishbein's new cookbook promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Chanukah Specialties

Selected Chanukah recipes from "Kosher by Design Entertains."

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