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Who Needs “Denazification”?

Russia invaded Ukraine for its own imperialist reasons. Ukraine, like other sovereign nations, has the right to chart its own destiny.

Amnesty International Claim that Israel Is an Apartheid State Is Recklessly Ill-Informed

The slanderous report shows no understanding of the reality of Israeli society, any more than it does of Israel’s challenges in finding an enduring answer to the Palestinian question.

Time to Affirm Jewish Pride

What the essence of being Jewish means to me.

Ilhan Omar Has a Problem with Jews

It's high time to address Rep. Omar's pattern of offensive commentary.

A Jewish Call to Action: 10 Ways to Fight Back

There is much we can, must, and should do to confront the old and new demons that we’re facing today.

Antisemitism and Four Travesties of Justice

Four examples – Paris, Wuppertal, Saint-Nicolas, and Oslo – where the legal process failed Jews, failed justice, and failed common sense.

Israel at 73

The story of Israel is the wondrous realization of a 3,500-year link among a land, a faith, a language, a people, and a vision.

COVID-19: Conspiracy Theories and Anti-Semitism

Like the Black Death, some people are scapegoating the Jews for the coronavirus.

Why World War II History Is Still Relevant

Five enduring lessons of this defining period.

Michelle Alexander’s NY Times Column Hits New Low

It's replete with errors, shows no understanding of – or sympathy for – Israel, and dishonors Martin Luther King.

Why are Palestinian Refugees Different from all Other Refugees?

The unique status afforded to Palestinians is the single biggest stumbling block to achieving peace.

The "If Only Israel" Syndrome

The misguided notion that if only Israel did this or that, peace would be at hand.

Why History Still Matters: The 1967 Six-Day War

Without understanding what happened in the past, it’s impossible to grasp where we are today.

Believing the Lies of Hamas

In Orwellian fashion, truth is being turned on its head.

Israel vs. Hamas: The Case for Moral Clarity

The difference between Hamas and Israel couldn’t be greater, yet you wouldn’t know it when listening to some observers.

10 Ways Israel Is Treated Differently

Israel is treated according to a totally different standard than other countries in the international system.

10 Basic Facts about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

For the sake of clarity, don’t neglect to consider these fundamental facts.

Understanding the Six-Day War

Some wars fade into obscurity. This one remains as relevant today as in 1967.

Israel at 69

The most remarkable story in the annals of history.

Bravo, Ambassador Haley!

America’s new UN ambassador is courageously rattling the organization’s rampant anti-Israel bias.

Let Us Remember

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day

I Am a Forgotten Jew

In honor of Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

Five Lessons from the Paris Attacks

We must rededicate ourselves to the values the terrorists would destroy, and show the resolve to defeat our adversaries.

Ten New Reasons to Worry about the Iran Deal

Turning a blind eye while repeating the mantra that "the only alternative to this deal is war" just won't wash.

Ten Ways Israel Is Treated Differently

You don't have to be a pro-Israel activist to be troubled by the grotesquely unjust treatment of Israel.

Eight Words from President Obama

”The Palestinians are not the easiest of partners." This is the heart of the issue.

Europe Needs to Confront its Anti-Semitism

After Copenhagen, here are the next steps I wish Europe would take.

4 Contemporary Lessons from the Second World War

Marking its 75th solemn anniversary, important lessons for today’s world.

Hamas Vs. Israel: Moral Fog Awards

Those who refuse to grasp the simple, stark truth.

Hamas vs. Israel: The Case for Moral Clarity

Sometimes the issues are black and white.

To Israel's Critics

Speak up now while literally millions of Israelis live from one alarm to another, or remain forever silent.

The Meaning of Israel: A Personal View

Tired of all the anti-Israel bashing? Read this and take pleasure in the miracle of Israel.

European Anti-Semitism

And why it’s not only the Jews who should be concerned.

Iran, Israel, and the Bomb

A prominent scholar who argues for a nuclear Iran could not be more wrong.

Happy 64th Birthday, Israel!

Celebrating Israel’s unique resolve, resilience, courage, and ingenuity.

Anywhere but Israel

Surely the NY Times could have found a travel writer on Jerusalem who doesn't have baggage on the topic.

The Iranian Threat

Why Iran is a serious threat – and getting more so.

Tom Friedman's Defamation

The New York Times columnist crossed a line.

Gilad Shalit & The New York Times

Ignoring the real issues involved in his release, the paper writes an infuriating op-ed bashing Israel's prime minister.

A Letter to Nicholas Kristof

10 reasons why his recent column is off the mark.

The Hamas Flotilla

George Orwell, where are you?

Why the Six-Day War Still Matters

Ten crucial lessons that resonate to this day.

Abbas Rewriting History

The lies and distortions of Mahmoud Abbas in his NYT op-ed is a clear rejection of peace.

Three Middle East Myths Exploded

Will these fallacies be replaced, at long last, by a dose of reality?

How Can You Defend Israel?

Why I'm proud to stand up for Israel.

Poland's Tragedy is Our Tragedy

I lost friends in the crash that killed key leaders from the Polish government, economy, and military.

Usurping History

How not to advance Arab-Israeli peace.

Rank Hypocrisy

When Israel isn't involved, suddenly pro-Palestinian forces are silent.

Haiti and Gaza

When self-reflection become self-destruction.

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