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Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski

Dr. Abraham Twerski was a psychiatrist and founder of Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Pittsburgh, one of America’s leading facilities for addiction treatment. He was the author of 90 books, and lectured extensively on the topics of chemical dependency, stress, self-esteem and spirituality. For 20 years, he served as clinical director of the Department of Psychiatry at St. Francis Hospital in Pittsburgh, and was associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine. He passed away January 31, 2021, Shevat 18, 5781, at the age of 90.

Inspiring Quotes by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski

The prolific rabbi left behind a legacy of insight and inspiration.

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski on Purpose

The necessity to search for meaning in life.

Judaism & the 12 Steps

Is the 12-step program kosher?

Building Self-Esteem in Children

To help your children attain self-esteem, you need to develop your own self-esteem.

Mine and Yours

Psychological and chassidic insights into the four basic character types.

Diamond Processing

Every person has buried deep inside a dazzling, million-dollar gem. We just need to cut away the dirt to find it.

Learning to Like Yourself

I had been left totally alone, in absolute communion with myself. I could hardly wait to get away.


Getting out of the quick-fix mentality.

Surviving the Economic Crisis

Coping, persevering and winning in troubled economic times.

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