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Yossi Klein Halevi

Yossi Klein Halevi is a senior fellow at the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies of the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, and the Israel correspondent of the New Republic.

Battle Plans

Israel's next war has begun.

Israel's Broken Heart

A long list of reckonings awaits the Israeli public.

War of Survival

In Lebanon and Gaza, Israel is holding Arabs responsible for their own fate.

The Pattern of Palestinian Rejectionism

Palestinian suicidal self-pity has led them from one historic calamity to another, and is precisely the reason why Israel is now building the fence.

Jews and Christians after The Passion

Are we supposed to ignore the irony that our strongest allies are now promoting a film that resurrects the charge of deicide?

Israel's Gift to a Terrorized World

No country's soul has been more severely tested than Israel's.

Learning from Sadat

Sadat's wisdom offers a model for seeking peace.

Terrorism Won't Break Israeli Will

This fight is for the world's future.

The Global Surge of Anti-Semitism

Why the tendency to downplay Jew-hatred?

The UN Won't Investigate the Real Tragedy

There is no justice to be had in the UN for the Jewish state.

Why Israel Fights

Terrorism is pushing Israeli society to the limit. Survival demands that they fight back.

Israel at 60

There are no answers, only improvisations.

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