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Avi Geller

Rabbi Avi Geller has been a senior lecturer at Aish Hatorah since 1980. He is an alumnus of Lakewood, Be'er Yaakov and Mir yeshivas, and gives a popular weekly parsha class in Jerusalem's Old City. His audio lectures are available at Aish audio center, including tapes on the entire Chumash, Mitzvah series, and Holiday series. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and 8 children.

Lively Shabbat Overview

It's the glue that holds together the Jewish family and the Jewish nation.

Lively Introduction to Blessings

Showing gratitude for all God's goodness.

Lively Introduction to Prayer

Tapping into one of the most potent forces in the universe.

Lively Overview of Chanukah

Insights from the Midrash and contemporary sages.

Lively Haggadah Overview

Insights and stories to share on Seder night.

Lively Megillah Overview

The Book of Esther, based on the Talmud, Midrash and commentary of the Malbim.

Lively Overview of Tu B'Shvat

The tree as a metaphor for personal growth.

Overview: Book of Lamentations

Jeremiah describes the tragedy of the Temple's destruction. The lessons are true still today.

Lively Overview: The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth is read in synagogue on Shavuot morning. A chapter-by- chapter explanation.

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