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Rabbi Avi Geller has been a senior lecturer at Aish Hatorah since 1980. He is an alumnus of Lakewood, Be'er Yaakov and Mir yeshivas, and gives a popular weekly parsha class in Jerusalem's Old City. His audio lectures are available at Aish audio center, including tapes on the entire Chumash, Mitzvah series, and Holiday series. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and 8 children.

Parsha: Lively Parsha Matot-Masay

Parsha: The Special Reading for Simchat Torah Includes Moses' Blessing to Each Tribe

Parsha: The Shofar Helps Us Reclaim Our Citizenship

Parsha: Lively Parsha Yom Kippur

Parsha: Insights and Stories to Share on Seder Night

Parsha: Tales of the Talking Donkey!

Parsha: Tales of the Red Cow, and Moses Hits the Rock

Parsha: The Book of Ruth

Parsha: Perilous predictions for the Jewish future.

Parsha: All about human honor, and the holidays.

Parsha: Striving To Be On Our Best God-like Behavior

Parsha: High holiness on Yom Kippur and in personal relations

Parsha: More Fascinating Aspects of the Temple Offerings.

Parsha: The Israelites Bring Donations to Build the Tabernacle

Parsha: Moses Makes an Accounting of the Tabernacle Donations

Parsha: On his deathbed, Jacob blesses his 12 sons

Parsha: Joseph Reunites With His Brothers, and the Whole Family Settles Down in Egypt

Parsha: Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream, Then Tries To Get His Own Dreams Fulfilled

Parsha: Joseph Dreams, Gets Thrown Into a Pit, and Begins His Rise to Egyptian Power

Parsha: Adventures of Jacob's Return to the Land of Israel

Parsha: Jacob Goes to Yeshiva and Starts a Large Family

Parsha: The Early Years of Twins Jacob and Esau

Parsha: Abraham Buries Sarah, and Arranges a Wife for Isaac

Parsha: Abraham passes 10 tough tests

Parsha: Abraham Promotes Monotheism, and Fights in the First World War

Parsha: The Great Flood, and the Tower of Babel

Parsha: Creation of the World, and Adventures of the First Humans

Parsha: Lively Parsha Ha'azinu

Parsha: Prophecy of the Jews' Return to Judaism, and Moses' Final Day

Parsha: Prophesy of the Jews' Return to Judaism, and Moses' Final Day

Parsha: A Series of Terrific Blessings and Terrifying Curses

Parsha: The Laws of Judges, Witnesses, Officers and Kings

Parsha: More Mitzvot; Choose Life!

Parsha: Lively Parsha Ekev

Parsha: The Importance of National Revelation and the Shema

Parsha: Moses Reviews the Desert Experience

Parsha: Lively Parsha Matot-Masay

Parsha: Jewish Lineage and the Public Debacle

Parsha: Rebels in the Desert Get Swallowed Alive

Parsha: A Spy Mission Turns Sour

Parsha: Lively Parsha Be'halot'cha

Parsha: Achieving Levels of Personal Holiness

Parsha: Everyone Has a Special Task; the Torah Tells You How to Do It

Parsha: All About Human Honor and the Holidays

Parsha: Gossiping Can Result in a Serious Spiritual Disease

Parsha: Aaron's Sons Make a Fatal Mistake, Plus the Laws of Kashrut

Parsha: How Animal Offerings Help Us Tap Into the Divine Presence

Parsha: The inside story of the Golden Calf

Parsha: A Symbolic Description of the Tabernacle

Parsha: An Abundance of Tools for Creating a Fair and Orderly Society

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