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Alan M. Dershowitz

Alan M. Dershowitz is the Felix Frankfurter professor of law at Harvard Law School, served as an attorney in several high-profile court cases, and is a sought-after commentator on the Arab–Israeli conflict. He is the author of some 25 books, including The Case for Israel.

Are Jews Too Powerful?

No, we are not powerful enough.

5 Reasons to Reject BDS

5 key reasons why every decent person should reject the BDS movement against Israel.

Terrorism Persists because It’s Been Rewarded

The international community has rewarded terrorism while punishing those who try to fight it by reasonable means.

The Bigotry of Intersectionality

Call out intersectionality for what it is: a euphemism for anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel bigotry.

Israel's Legal Founding

In the last century, no country's birth certificate is more legitimate than that of Israel. Why do Israel's enemies routinely challenge the legitimacy of its very existence?

Alan Dershowitz Dismantles the BDS Movement

Their goal is to destroy Israel. Boycott, divestment and sanction is just a tactic that is being used to attack only Israel.

Israel and Racism in America

Students for Justice in Palestine exploit the deaths of innocent Americans to further their own anti-Semitic political agenda.

Harvard & SodaStream

Harvard’s president stops an anti-Israel boycott against SodaStream.

Hamas' Phony Statistics on Civilian Deaths

Reliable sources say half of those killed were combatants.

Civilian Deaths in Gaza

Hamas’ dead baby strategy works because the media facilitates it.

Europe, the Holocaust & Today’s Anti-Semitism

It is not surprising to see an increase in Jew-hatred in western Europe.

Legitimizing Anti-Semitism

Why anti-Semitism is moving toward the mainstream.

Norway's Bigotry

Is terrorism against Israel really more justified than terrorism against Norway?

The Casey Anthony Verdict

The standard is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, even if it's 'likely' or 'probable' that she committed murder.

WikiLeaks and Iran

The disclosure of Arab views on Iran's nuclear plans has made a military strike more likely.

The Arab Lobby

The Arab lobby in America is stronger than Israel’s, says a controversial new book.

Passport Hypocrisy

An Intelligence Agency misused passports: OMG!

Mossad & Extrajudicial Assassination

If Israel killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, did it have the right to?

Teaching Lies in Gaza

Can a state be built on a pack of lies?

Ex-President For Sale

Carter is making more money selling integrity than peanuts.

Carter's Indefensible Book

Why won't Carter debate his book?

Carter's Distorted World

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid is so biased that it inevitably raises the question of what would motivate Jimmy Carter to write such an indecent book.

Demonizing Israel

For Amnesty International, "Israeli war crimes" are synonymous with "any military action whatsoever."

What Are HRW Watching?

Human Rights Watch cooks the books about facts, cheats on interviews, and releases predetermined conclusions that are driven more by their ideology than by evidence.

Hezbollah's Final Solution

The Iran-Hezbollah axis is the greatest threat to world peace, to Jewish survival, to Western values, and to civilization.

Arithmetic of Pain

Why Israel's response is reasonable and proportionate.

Presbyterians' Shameful Boycott

Unless the church rescinds this immoral and bigoted denigration of the Jewish state, it will be contributing to anti-Jewish bigotry and the encouragement of terrorism.

A Bigoted Hague Decision

Israel is under neither a moral nor a legal obligation to give any weight to the International Court's predetermined decision.

Rules of War Enable Terror

Human rights are being used to promote human wrongs.

Does Oppression Cause Suicide Bombing?

Some overprivileged Muslims support a culture of death, while impoverished Tibetans celebrate life

Fair Targets

No reasonable argument can be made that the decision to target terrorist commanders is unlawful under the laws of war or under international law.

Dealing with Hamas

Is Israel's policy of assassinating terrorist leaders legal under international law?

U.S./Israel Parallels on Terrorism

With both nations facing a similar war against terrorism, it is wrong for the United States to demand more of Israel than it asks of itself.

Put Hamas, Not Israel, on Trial

For the Criminal Court to work, the worst must come first.

The Phony War Crimes Accusation

The double standard against Israel.

The Hamas CNN Strategy

Don't play into the deadly, cynical ploy of Hamas and blame Israel.

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