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Natan Sharansky

Natan Sharansky, a human rights activist and former political prisoner in the Soviet Union, is chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Fighting Anti-Semitism, Both Left and Right

Contemporary anti-Semitic libel of the Jewish State parallels classic anti-Semitism against Jews.

Criticizing Israel’s Ally

Jews stood up to the U.S. government 40 years ago, and should again on Iran.

Higher Standard or Double Standard?

Don’t set a double standard for Israel on norms of war.

Jewish Identity Vs. Universalism

The choice between freedom and identity is a false one.

Chanukah in the Soviet Gulag

When the enemy answered "amen."

Chanukah in the Soviet Gulag

When the enemy answered "amen."

Distorted Reasoning at Annapolis

Why the conference is doomed to failure.

Mobilize Now

Anti-Semitism has leapfrogged from isolated attacks against Jews to incitement to genocide -- the actual elimination of the Jewish state.

Proxy Terrorism from Iran

It's time to bring the fight against terrorists to the countries that arm and fund them.

There Is No Zionism without Judaism

If we cut ourselves off from 3,000 years of Judaism, we will lose the right to our existence in our historic homeland.

The Civil War that Wasn't

An invisible but very tangible border arose between those who shared the pain of disengagement and those who did not.

Disengagement from Genuine Peace

Withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is rewarding terror and encouraging more bloodshed.

Anti-Semitism in 3D

Differentiating legitimate criticism of Israel from the so-called new anti-Semitism.

Losing the War on Campus

The future of leadership of American Jewry is on a university campus. And what I saw there is truly frightening.

Arafat's Contempt for Human Life

Arafat's "vision of peace" is another attempt to hide evil behind a respectable veneer.

Spread Freedom In The Mideast

The democratic world must not only destroy the empire of terror, it must also seek to expand the very freedom our enemies want to destroy.

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