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Mikvah When Husband Away

Shemittah and Flowers

Convert Covering Hair

Mikvah Before Wedding – Older Couple

Medicine From Oyster Shell

Three Weeks – Background Music

Single Person Forgetting to Light

Same Pot for Meat and Fish

Start of Shiva – Not Attending Funeral

Funeral of Non-Jew

Pidyon HaBen After Miscarriage

Travel Agent – Booking Shabbat Travel for Jews

Abraham Bowing

Wool and Linen (Shatnez) in Separate Garments

Visiting a Mosque

Overcharging – Lemonade Stand

Hebrew Name – Non-Jewish Father

Divorcee – Husband’s Customs

Yizkor at Home

Opening Folding Bed on Shabbat

Determining Relative’s Hebrew Name

Whipped Cream Charger

Sleeping Facing the Door

Mezuzah Covers

Mezuzahs During Renovations

Sewing Clothes on the 9 Days

Tallit – Required Size

Working on Shabbat

Mezuzah in Office

Grandson Saying Kaddish

No Hebrew Name – Writing Ketubah

Vitamin/Energy Patch on Fast Day

Who Should Attend an Unveiling?

Status of Baptized Jew

Giving Gifts on Shabbat

Whose Side to Name After?

Cooking Meat and Fish Together

Praying for the Terminally Ill

Dizzy & Sick From Fasting

Kashering a Sandwich Maker

Engagement Party on Nine Days

Saying God’s Name in Vain

Wrong Sponge

Human and Animals Medical Experimentation

Fruit Trees for the First Three Years (Orlah)

Number of Sheva Brachot for Second Wedding

Eating Before Hearing the Megillah

Non-Kosher Oven – Kashering

Conversion in Biblical Times

Delaying Funeral for Relatives to Arrive

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