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Shimon Apisdorf

Shimon Apisdorf is the award-winning author of ten books that have been read by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He is able to extract the essence of classical Jewish wisdom and show how it can be relevant to the essential issues facing the mind, heart and soul in today’s world. His writings speak poignantly, with rare sensitivity and with humor to people of all backgrounds. His writing can be found at: www.shimonapisdorf.com.

The Ten-Ton Phone

Now is the time to work on mending any rifts in your family.

Door for Elijah and Hallel

Elijah the Prophet occupies a fascinating role in Jewish history.

Vi-He She-Amda

Have others really tried to destroy us in every generation?

Breaking the Middle Matzah

Why is this one the 15 Steps to Freedom?

Haggadah: An Introduction

Putting the Seder into perspective.

Rabbi Weinberg and Sderot

It is unacceptable that the Jewish people are not mobilized on behalf of their fellow Jews.


If this Tsunami was a shofar, then there is at least one word that seems to be calling out to us from its stormy voice: Humanity.

Four Sons

Educate the child according to his way.

Freedom and Responsibility

Freedom is not defined as coming and going as you please. True freedom is making independent choices -- and achieving meaningful goals in life.

Idealism, Chametz, and Freedom

Trying to make the world a better place is a deep drive within every human being. But somewhere along the way, many give up and trade in that value for more creature comforts.

Commandments Equal Freedom

Disciplining oneself to observe the mitzvot of the Torah sounds about as fun as twisting oneself into a pretzel. But as any virtuoso will testify, it is from discipline that greatness springs forth.

Four Sons and the Child Within

The Haggadah's Four Sons are really each of us, struggling to find our path in life and in the Jewish world.

Freedom and Self Awareness

Humans can sometimes get stuck in a trap of self-delusion that is as confining as any prison. The good news is there's a way out.

What Makes It Kosher?

With today's manufacturing processes, if it doesn't say "kosher," you can't be exactly sure what's in there!

Costume Madness

On Purim, masks and costumes reveal more than they conceal.

Making it Fun

The Purim holiday offers creative activities to help children bond to their Jewish identity. Here's how parents can maximize the holiday.

Historical Overview

The key points of history show how easily the mighty can fall, and how survival of the Jews depends on a connection to God.

60-Second Megillah Overview

A quick play-by-play recounting of the Purim story - how Mordechai and Esther pulled off the save of the century.

Discovering Jewish Identity

When the Jews attended the king's party, they thought it was all just a "good time". Or was it a slap in the face of Jewish culture and tradition?

Chana's 7 Sons

The story of Chana and her seven sons is one of the most heartrending in all of Jewish history.

Yehudit and the Decree

The Chanukah story is filled with the dedication and heroism of Jewish women.

Zeus and Greek Gods

Tthe Greeks took their gods as seriously as we take the stock market.

Greece: The Dark Side

Comparing the Greek exile to the darkness at the beginning of creation.

Hellenism: Who Cares?

In many ways America is the cultural by-product of ancient Greece.

Matityahu's Revolt

For the Maccabees, it was not physical life at stake, but the spiritual life of the Jew.

The Al HaNissim Prayer

The meaning of the special prayer of gratitude recited on Chanukah.

Transcending Limits

Time-traveling with an army general and a CNN correspondent back to the Jewish revolt against the Greeks.

Your Inner Flame

"For God's candle is the soul of man." (Proverbs)

Holy Temple Lights

The Temple in Jerusalem was a place of concentrated spiritual power and electrifying inspiration.

Family Illuminations

Jewish survival and Jewish revival begins in the Jewish home.

Oil or Candles?

To get oil from an olive, you've got to press hard. So too, the Jewish people shine under pressure.

Holocaust Miracle

As in the Time of the Maccabees, a great miracle happened.

California Dreamin'

God shines Chanukah light into the seemingly darkest place.

A Deeper Look

We often don't see what is right in front of us. Why?

Why Chanukah Gelt?

What's the deeper meaning of money and what does it have to do with Chanukah?

Hanukkah Dreidel Secrets

What the Hanukkah dreidel was 'back then' and how we can learn from it today.

What Does Hanukkah Mean?

Education, dedication, and beginning. These are the 3 meanings of the word "Chanukah". What do they stand for?

Why 8 Days of Hanukkah?

The number eight transcends the natural world

Giving Gifts

It's fun to take part in the shopping season, but is "gifting" a part of Chanukah?

Help Israel Now

In difficult times, we can't continue as if nothing has happened.

No More Labels

There were no "Charedim" (orthodox Jews) who died in Sbarro.

Little Bodies

Even within hell, it takes a truly twisted and evil mind to smash a boot down on the face of a porcelain doll and declare war on a child.

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