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Rabbi David Aaron

Rabbi David Aaron www.rabbidavidaaron is Founder and Dean of the Isralight Institute, and author of: Seeing God, Endless Light, The Secret Life of God, Kabbalah Works[audio book], and most recently, Inviting God In: Celebrating the Soul-Meaning of the Jewish Holy Days. .


Loving Others the Unique Way They Want

Learning how to truly love your neighbor.


The Gift of Presence: What Your Loved Ones Really Want

All they really want is you.


Ego Is Our Enemy

Learning to bring forth your music as part of the symphony.


Hell: What Do Jews Believe?

What is the Jewish definition of heaven and hell and why isn't the afterlife mentioned the Torah?


Feeling the Love on Rosh Hashanah

God judges us only because He loves us and cares about what we do.


Are You For Real?

Don’t just look good; be good.


The Key to Happiness: Love Your Journey

How to be a human becoming.


Feeling the Love on the Day Of Judgment

What two drops in the ocean can teach us about God, humanity and how to find lasting love.


Our Good and Bad Inclinations

Channeled properly, even the sharper parts of ourselves can be used for good.


Why Would Anyone Want to Be Commanded?

The mitzvot of the Torah enable us to be our true, natural self.


The Essence of Kabbalah

Mastering the art of receiving.


Passover: Feeling God’s Love

The more you believe it, the more you’ll receive it.


3 Essential Secrets to Lasting Love

You and me don’t have to agree for there to be a loving we.


Revealing Purim’s Hidden Meaning

Why everything Haman does to destroy the Jews actually saves them!


When Bad Things Happen to Good People

A short animation on mankind’s challenge and limited view of understanding the ways of God.


The Secret to Self-Worth

Don’t confuse self-worth with net worth.


How Wonderful Is Your Life?

Learning to see beyond labels and recognize the miraculous in the mundane.


How I Knew I Wasn't a Loser

We are infinitely more than we think.


God Isn’t Out to Get You

Get rid of childish images of God that stifle your happiness and spiritual growth.


Finding God

Exploring the Jewish definition of God.

Creating Space for Love

True love requires accepting someone for who they are, without projecting our dreams and fantasies upon them.

Who is God to Judge?

I often felt resentful toward God, until I discovered that Rosh Hashanah is about empowerment, not guilt.

Celebrating Jewish Sadness

Tisha B'Av teaches that through pain and sadness, we can truly know pleasure and joy.

The Mission of Torah

God does not expect us to be perfect. If we were perfect, we would not have received the Torah.

Passover: In the Name of Love

The season to experience God's unconditional love.

Channeling Spiritual Light

How living the commandments empowers you to connect with God and be your true self.

What is the Purpose of the Torah?

God does not expect us to be perfect. In fact, that's why the Torah wasn't given to angels.

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