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Rebbetzin Chana Heller

Chana Heller, MSW, is the mother of five children and grandmother to many. She works for Aish Los Angeles as Director of JWI - Jewish Women’s Initiative. She is married to Rabbi Dov Heller, a psychotherapist and teacher at Aish LA.

How to Pray For Something You Really Want

Ten steps to a powerful ask.

Developing Patience: The Foundation for All Relationships

Patience with people is an absolute necessity for a fulfilling life.

10 Ways to Get a Grip on Worry

Here are some of the most effective anti-worry tools.


Turn Your Worry into a Prayer

Instead of unproductive worry, pivot and direct your energy to the One who can solve everything.

How to Make Your Shabbat Table a Place Kids Will Want to Be

The incredible power of a good, thought-provoking question.

Sparing the Rod

Most of us hit our children when we are angry or frustrated. We are not educating. We are venting.

Teaching Children Responsibility

Bailing your child out of a difficult situation may not be doing him a favor at all.

Lovers of Humanity

Take a moment to let someone's pain register on your emotional Richter scale.

Threats, Bribes, and Punishments

In trying to instill discipline, positive encouragement will get you a lot farther.

Two Parents, One Voice

Presenting a united front and speaking to our children with one voice is essential for effective parenting.

Taking Charge: How To Discipline with Love

Too much permissiveness is a sure-fire way to raise spoiled, unruly children. But how to enforce the rules and still communicate unending love?

Confessions of a Worrywart

If I had a magic wand, I'd make my life worry-free. But would that be the best thing for me?

Respecting Your Child's Emotional Reality

How to take your children's emotional reality seriously.

The Dangers of Criticism

There is a big difference between lashing out with insensitive criticism and admonishing with respect and love.

Respecting your Child's ness

Appreciating your children's ness is essential to their overall self-esteem.

Who's Minding the Kids?

Our child's self concept is being built every day. Who's the primary person doing the imprinting?

A Self Fulfilling Prophecy - Part 2 - Building Positive Self Esteem In Children

Parents are like a mirror, reflecting back their children's self-image. What your children see is what you'll get.

Building Your Child's Positive Self-Image: Part 1

A down-to-earth Jewish primer on raising kids with healthy self-esteem.

Helping Children Cope With Difficulties

Failing a test, being unpopular, coping with divorce and worse. Children face many difficulties. What can we do to strengthen our children for life's challenges?

The Gratitude Attitude

Do not underestimate the power of "Thank You" notes to help kids learn to appreciate the good that others do for them.

Letting Go: Notes From a Mother

As a teenage daughter leaves home, one mother panics, takes stock and lets go.

Opening Our Homes: What's In It For Our Kids

A home is your castle, but is also a tool for teaching your children sharing, hospitality, and caring about others.

Will Your Child Grow Up To Be A Thief?

Acceptable stealing -- such as lying about a child's age to gain cheaper admission -- communicates an indelible lesson.

Authority in Parenting

Authority is not a four letter word. It's essential in raising healthy children, and in fostering their relationship with God.

Don't Get No Respect?

When you walk in the room do your children even notice? Do they contradict you, yell at you or argue with you? The issue is respect -- or, the lack of it.

Don't Get No Respect?

When you walk in the room do your children even notice? Do they contradict you, yell at you or argue with you? The issue is respect -- or, the lack of it.

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