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Elliot Mathias

Elliot Mathias is the founder and executive director of Hasbara Fellowships , a leading pro-Israel advocacy training program for university students across North America that is a program of Aish International. Mathias lives in Livingston and is a member of the Community Relations Committee of MetroWest.

Pew Report: Cultural Judaism without Torah Isn’t Working

Young Jews feel culturally Jewish – and that's the beginning and end of their Jewish identity.

Why the Jews? Exploring the Unique Meaning of the World's Longest Hatred

A four-part video series on the Jewish perspective to antisemitism.

Winning the BDS Battle

BDS is an opportunity to educate young Jews and non-Jews about the validity and nobility of Israel’s cause and values.

18 Days

Do not let our heightened sense of unity, love and connection die out with their deaths.

UCLA Thought Police

We need to stand up against attempts to bully and intimidate pro-Israel students on campus.

Zev Wolfson: A Modest Visionary

Without fanfare, Mr. Wolfson took responsibility for the physical and spiritual survival of the Jewish People.

Students: The Key to Success on Campus

Students themselves are by far the most effective representatives to communicate Israel's message on campus.

The Michigan Rally: A Report

With events organized by students themselves, students refused to let such hate of the Jewish people and Israel to go unanswered.

The Burning of Woodstock

Woodstock '99 lost the idealism of the original and kept the hedonism. A purposeful focus is the difference between warming the world and burning it.

Hitting the Heartland

A group of Aish students tour America, and discover that a good idea is worth pursuing.

Going Home

"I always considered myself to be pretty independent. So why, in the back of my mind, was I dreading the inevitable return home with a strange new kippah sitting on my head?"

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