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Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt

Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt is Director of the Rabbinical Training Academy, an innovative programme that mentors newly qualified rabbis through the first eighteen months of their first jobs. He is also the author of Why Bad Things DON'T Happen to Good People, a semi auto-biographical book about understanding and facing challenging times. He has recently published Mean What You Pray.

Thank You, Ma’am: A Personal Letter to the Queen

I am deeply grateful that you were queen during my lifetime.

Parsha: Sidestepping Your Desires

Dealing wisely with unwanted desires.

Marriage after Widowhood

When my wife died, I was certain I'd never find complete happiness again. Like Sheryl Sandberg, I was wrong.

What’s Your Addiction?

This Passover, I’m experiencing seven days of freedom from my taskmaster. I’m putting my smartphone in my drawer for the entire week.

The World Cup Is Not Coming Home and I'm Not Disappointed

And the reason why illuminates an important Jewish principle.

Parsha: Creating Independence

The Jewish objective in education.

Parsha: The Big Minute

Even the flimsiest excuse is enough for us to doubt God.

Parsha: The Greatness of Humility

Why humility is the key to charisma and effective leadership.

Parsha: The Joy of Now

Don't let the pursuit of a better life be an excuse for not living that better life right now.

Parsha: Attaining Wisdom

Why the Torah was given in the desert.

Parsha: Your Busy Life

Pharaoh understood how to control the masses: keep them mindlessly working.

All for the Best?

When my late wife was first diagnosed with cancer I found it difficult to believe that everything God does is for the best.

Parsha: Listen To The Land

Life is too precious and too fleeting to waste on pettiness.

Parsha: The Idol Within

Beware of the traps of arrogance.

Parsha: What Did Cain Say?

Rather than look inside to find the fault and its solution, it is far easier to shift the blame to someone else.

Parsha: Jewish Environmentalism

God has made us partners in His universe.

Parsha: Giving It Away

The true pleasure of money is the opportunity to use it to help others.

Parsha: Right On

Moses is interested in truth, not in being right.

Parsha: Personal Peace

How to attain inner harmony.

Parsha: Caring in the Dungeon

Getting out of our self-absorption.

Parsha: The Morality Business

Why didn’t Jacob just mind his own business?

Parsha: Self Projections

Limitations in life are so often of our own creation.

Parsha: Knowledge vs. Faith

The mitzvah to know there is a God.

Seeing the Light in Darkness

A rabbi whose wife had breast cancer shares his tools for developing trust in God.

Parsha: Murderous Speech

Is speaking negatively about others possibly worse than killing them?

Rav Noah’s Gifts

Hardly a day passes that I don’t crave his wise advice and loving care.

London Burning

What does it take to realize that the world is my responsibility?

Leap of Faith?

Why did the Jews at Sinai accept the Torah before understanding everything in it?

Parsha: Loving Father

Why God is referred to as our father, not our grandfather.

Parsha: I Was Wrong

Life is far too short for us to try to prove that we are right all the time.

Parsha: The Moral Challenge

A quick look at the Torah’s incredible and ancient moral sophistication.

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