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Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

Rebbetzin Feige Twerski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has devoted her life to Jewish education and Outreach, giving lectures worldwide on a myriad of Judaic subjects. She is a mother of 11 children, and many grandchildren whose number she refuses to divulge. She serves as the Rebbetzin along side her husband, Rabbi Michel Twerski, of Congregation Beth Jehudah of Milwaukee. Rebbetzin Twerski recently published her book, Rebbetzin Feige Responds: A popular and insightful counselor deals with real-life situations.

Counting Every Moment

Every moment of life is a gift, but too many of us are bogged down by what was or what will be and fail to keep the present in focus.

Personal Liberation

The tyranny of our personal "pharaohs" keeps us enslaved. The preparations for Passover give us a glimpse of freedom and the greatness of our potential

A Woman For All Seasons

When the focus changes from self-growth to diapers and dishes, a woman's relationship with God is bound to need some adjusting.

The Legacy of Mrs. Cash

An old woman who took advantage of every opportunity to compliment and affirm others, leaves behind a powerful lesson.

My Deflated Husband

During these difficult economic times, my husband's company is crumbling apart and he's rather down. How can I help him?

Can We Control Our Destiny?

Pain in life is inevitable but suffering is optional.

Toxic Influences

My husband's friend is poisoning our relationship. What should we do?

Where is Home?

Home has nothing to do with bricks and mortar and furnishings; it has everything to do with the spirit which fills it.

Coping With What's Eating You

When dealing with pain, there's no time to wait: addressing problems at their inception averts much heartache.

Difficult Mother-in-Law

Adopting the attitude: "it's not about me."

Life on a Mountaintop

Intimacy is a magical God-given energy, with the potential for abuse, as one young wife painfully found out.

Conversion and Love

My boyfriend is an observant Jew, I want to convert, and my mother is freaking out.

A Jewish Wife

Practical advice on what it takes to build a Jewish home.

Mother Sara and Mrs. Cash

She is a 94-year-old woman who comes to shul dressed like a queen; she is always regal, exuding a special light, as she smiles at all she encounters.

Caring for My Aging Mother

Charity does, indeed, begin at home. And it isn't easy.

Entering the Palace of the King

The gates are open, but the time is short. How do we merit the privilege of the king's presence?

The Jewish Perspective on Pregnancy Loss

In case of a miscarriage, stillbirth, or death of a new baby, the sense of loss can be overwhelming. Here's how to cope.

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