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Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

Rebbetzin Feige Twerski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has devoted her life to Jewish education and Outreach, giving lectures worldwide on a myriad of Judaic subjects. She is a mother of 11 children, and many grandchildren whose number she refuses to divulge. She serves as the Rebbetzin along side her husband, Rabbi Michel Twerski, of Congregation Beth Jehudah of Milwaukee. Rebbetzin Twerski recently published her book, Rebbetzin Feige Responds: A popular and insightful counselor deals with real-life situations.

A Scratch in the Diamond

Wrestling with the age old question: Why do bad things happen to good people?

Bridging the Gap

Fostering harmony between non-religious parents and newly religious kids.

Sibling Rivalry

What you can do to ensure family harmony, now and for generations to come.

Embracing Challenge

The tomb of Rachel reminds us that we are endowed with the ability to overcome adversity and actually change our world.

Parenting Fundamentals

Four key points every parent needs to keep in mind.

Sensitivity Training

How to give others comfort in their time of need.

Entering the Palace of the King

The gates are open, but the time is short. How do we merit the privilege of the king's presence?

Bringing the Messiah

If the Messiah and redemption has to wait, let us make sure that we are not the ones who are holding up the process.

Judaism and Vegetarianism

Where's the beef? Examining the pros and cons.

The Intimate Road

Mikvah helps to transform the act of intimacy into an act of holiness and the highest expression of husband and wife.

Footwork Versus God's Work

Wholeness that comes through marriage is best achieved only after one's own self-sufficiency as an independent human being has been established.

Creating Peace

When world peace and security is threatened, we need to look at our inner world and identify the corresponding issues.


The quest for balance between our positive and negative traits.

Soul Mate

Heaven may provide your soul mate, but it remains our responsibility to make the marriage work.

Responding to Insults

How to respond when the mud starts to sling.

A Parent's Remarriage

A daughter, whose mother died, resents her father's remarriage and his sudden zest for life.

The Single's Dilemma

Joy in life is not a product of "a set of circumstances, but a set of attitudes."

Moral Compromises

There is hope, even after making the biggest mistake of one's life.

Chanukah Post Sept. 11th

Regardless of the insecurity, unpredictability, and appearance of hopelessness, as Jews we need to leave tomorrow to God.

Dealing with Loss

Moving beyond your feelings of sadness and loss of a loved one.

Mothers and Daughters

The delicate and sometimes painful balancing act.

Acquiring Faith

I long for the comfort and certainty that believing in God would afford. But how can I make myself believe, when I don't?

One Step At A Time

Is it useful to keep kosher when we do not observe any other religious commitments?

Appropriate Guilt

Forget the guilt trip. Jewish guilt means regretfully admitting inappropriate behavior and moving on.

The Ultimate Question

"I'm a Catholic dating a Jewish man who I believe is my soul mate. Why is this an issue for people in his community?"

Spiritual Side of Pregnancy

How can a woman maximize the spiritual experience of pregnancy?

Our Contribution to Life

How should we determine our contribution to life?

The Inner Struggle

A decade of envy, illusions, and negativity has come crashing down. How to crawl out of the darkness?

Living Together vs. Marriage

Living together means two people sharing a house but living alone.

Anchor in the Stormy Sea

9/11 brings back memories of exile and freedom for author who was born in Romania during the Holocaust era.

Chanukah Post Sept. 11

Regardless of the insecurity, unpredictability, and appearance of hopelessness, as Jews we need to leave tomorrow to God.

The "Terrorist" Within

The war on terrorism needs to be waged on all fronts. We may not have the power to determine world policy, but we can take charge of our internal landscape.

Coping with Retirement

Retirement often makes people feel useless and worthless, but a change of perspective can turn that around.

Legacies and Luggage

A broken suitcase sums up the challenge and opportunity as we approach the High Holidays.

For Women Only

Three mitzvoth, special to women, elevate the home to spiritual heights.

Terminal Life

There is no greater source of pain than the imminent loss of a loved one.

The Power Source

Electrical appliances cannot function if they are not connected to a power source. Neither can we.

The Art of Giving and Taking Criticism

When your relatives offer unwelcome child-rearing advice, what's the best response?

Connecting: Passover Reflections

Passover often brings up memories of loss, but it can also bring up memories of our initial connection with God at Sinai.

Children of Divorce

When teenage step-children react with hostility, they are expressing deep pain.

Celebrating Differences: Tips for Effective Parenting

A mother of eleven offers her special tips on raising children.

Women and the Workplace

Women are blessed with the special talents to create positive environments wherever we are and with whatever we are doing.

The Internet and Intimacy

A husband is having an e-mail relationship with a woman he has never met and who lives oceans away. Is he "cheating" on his wife?

The Trouble with In-Laws

The young wife wants to please yet do things her way. The young husband remembers the way his mother did things -- perfectly. The mother hates to let go. This is a combination that spells disaster.

Apathy and Indifference

In the month of Cheshvan, there is only silence. This lack of communication between God and his children warrants the addition of the word "bitter" to the month of Cheshvan.

Body and Soul

Eating disorders point to an imbalance in the body-soul dynamic.

The Joys of A Large Family

"Didn't you ever hear of birth control?" There was no malice in her question. She simply couldn't understand the value of having a large family.

Infidelity and Forgiveness

A woman came to me in deep despair, asking a very difficult question: "My husband had an affair with another woman. How can I ever forgive him and trust again?"

Phases of Freedom

Freedom from is not enough. It must be followed by freedom to.

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