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Kalman Packouz

Between 1992 and 2019, Rabbi Packouz, obm was the author of Shabbat Shalom Weekly, with insights into life, personal growth and Torah. He transitioned from a Reform Judaism background to a fully Torah-observant life at age 22, via Aish HaTorah, where he was one of the founding five students. He was co-founder of Aish HaTorah’s first branch, in St. Louis, Missouri and the originator of the Aish Jewish Computer Dating Service – perhaps the first Jewish computer dating service. He is also the creator of TheWall.org – a webcam on the Western Wall. The Shabbat Shalom Weekly started with 50 faxes and 50 emails. Today, it has over 100,000 subscribers and is available in English, Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese. To subscribe, go to www.shabbatshalom.org and enter your email address.

Parsha: Vayeira 5780: 20 Keys for a Happy Marriage

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin's wisdom on how how to have a happy marriage.

Parsha: Acharei Mot 5779

Perhaps the greatest resistance of the Jews during the Holocaust was their efforts to retain their humanity towards others, to do acts of kindness and to help others.

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