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Zelig Pliskin

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin is a noted psychologist and prolific author of 24 books, including Guard Your Tongue, Gateway to Happiness, Gateway to Self Knowledge, Love Your Neighbor, Growth Through Torah, The Power of Words, Consulting the Wise, and the recent Life is Now. Rabbi Pliskin lives in Jerusalem, and is the director of Aish HaTorah's Counseling Center and a senior lecturer at Aish's Essentials program and the Executive Learning Center. He was ordained at the Telshe Yeshiva in Ohio and holds a degree in Counseling Psychology.


8 Principles for Mastering Happiness

How to increase your daily happiness.

The Power of Pretending

The joy, courage, love, and serenity chant.

The Four Finger Button Technique

Joy, courage, love and serenity tool.

The "Four for Self Creation" Program

Self talk, self image, goals, traits.

Perfectionism Prevents Happiness

How can I be certain that I will never think a negative thought?

Joyful Dreams

Conditioning your subconscious mind.

Random Blessings

Bless 18 people a day.

Eating Wisely

The joy of self control.

Bake Joy Cookies

Joy cookies for a joyful lift.

Yes We Can

How to turn frustration into joy.

Joy Walk

Try this simple and healthy exercise.

Have a Joyful Day

A simple technique for joy.

Moments of Joy

Joy for anyone.

Kill Joy

Overcoming obstacles to joy.

Joy Journal

A key to remembering.

Every Breath You Take

How to breathe joyfully.

Count Joyfully

It's a numbers game.

I'm Alive!

A reason to be joyful.

Joy and Persistence

Persistance pays.

No Time for Joy

Building joy & patience simultaneously.

The Joy Experiment

Will it work for you?

Workshops for Toddlers

What a group of two-year-olds taught me about joy.

Bah, Humbug!

A common mistake people make when it comes to joy.

Joy, Courage, and Serenity

If I was a Master of Joy.

Connecting to God

How to experience the most joyful feeling.

Joyful Energy

How to send energy to your body.

Joyful Memories

Joyful mental archives.

Your Endorphin Factory

Your magnificent brain produces joyful hormones.

Focus on Joy

The key to being more joyful.

Joyful World

Words are instructions for the mind.

The Gratitude Focus

Struggling with unhappiness.

The Art of Joy

How to create more joyful moments.

What's Wrong??

Where are you putting your focus right now?

9 Principles for Happiness

Joy made easy

Releasing Stress & Tension

Mastering the Skill of Becoming Calm

Before Now

How to elevate your past.


Having enough for today.

Everything is Perfect

How to perfect for your life mission.

Encounters with Other People

The here and now of all encounters.

Today's Self Image

See yourself in a better light

Today's Highlights

Injecting your day with curiosity.

Thought Control

What do I see and hear right now?

The Skill of Concentrating

Focus your attention on now.

My Priority Goals

Keys to a meaningful life.

Play the Part

What is your ideal way of being?

Your Best State

Practice high performance states

Your Autobiography

How to create a great life.

Greatest Day

Today is the greatest day of your life.

Your Mission

Now, what does the Almighty want?

A New Day

Rest of life begins now.

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