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Julie Hauser

Julie Hauser is not a chef or a foodie. She just likes to remind herself and others that Pesach does not equal panic. And with her method, Pesach prep is not a race. It’s a relief. You could even cook for Yom Tov with your eyes closed…while you sleep! Julie Hauser is the author of Pesach While You Sleep: the easy way to cook ahead for Yom Tov…no Pesach kitchen necessary! The Gratitude Game; When I Check on You at Night; Mothers to Mothers: women across the globe share the joys and challenges of Jewish motherhood and These Are the Candles. Click here to see all of her books.

Stay Out of the Kitchen this Passover

Super easy and convenient kosher-for-Passover recipes.

Passover Slow Cooker Desserts for These Crazy Times

Select recipes from Pesach While You Sleep…The Easy Way to Cook Ahead for Yom Tov

Presto Pesach: Passover Cooking with an Instant Pot

Using an Instant Pot to accelerate your Passover preparations.

Making Passover While You Sleep

The easy way to cook ahead for Passover.

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