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Yonatan Levi

Yonatan Levi is an attorney living in Englewood, New Jersey and a weekly humor columnist for the Jewish Link of New Jersey.

Survival Skills

The skills every Jewish parent should teach their children to survive in the Jewish world.


Let's talk about the craziest and most dangerous aspect of going to synagogue: the coatroom.

Flying the Kosher Skies

How to make your flying experience more “kosher.”

Fundraising Fun

A how-not-to guide to raise money for your shul.

Oy-Vey Olympics

How to make the Olympics more Jewish.

Vilde Chaya

When your precious child turns out to be a “vilda chaya” – Yiddish for a “wild animal.”

All Hail the Mohel

Mohel are vastly underappreciated. In a business where there is no margin for error, they should be admired and adored.

Synagogue Stadium Seating

Would the synagogue experience be enhanced by stadium seating?

Bad Shul Awards

Should synagogues hand out awards like the "Better Late Than Never" Award to curb bad behavior?

Pelting the Bar Mitzvah Boy

Why do we celebrate a Bar Mitzvah by slinging sweets at a defenseless child?

Absurd Shul Announcements

Let’s face it, shul announcements need some work.

Blessed Blasts

A shofar blower, in more ways than one, must be willing to take the bull by the horns.

Stroller Derby

If your child can scale Masada, needs a shave or has a driver’s license, then it’s time to get rid of the stroller!

Out of Towners

To New Yorkers, anyone from outside the Tri-State area is an “Out of Towner.” And we find your manners adorably considerate.

Thankless Jewish Jobs

Let’s hear it for those who shield bar mitzvah boys from celebratory candy throwing.

Bad Buffet Behavior

The all-you-can-eat buffet is the only thing on this planet that serves more food than the average Jewish mother.

Good Mourning

Join me while I highlight the things you should absolutely not utter or attempt when making a shiva call.


We’re not schlepping to Israel for the bar mitzvah of our neighbor’s son, so why are they sending us a fancy schmancy invitation?

The Unreported Benefits of Matzah

Why matzah is a detective's dream.

Sinai Selfie

What would the Exodus from Egypt look like to Jews living in the smartphone generation?

Pulpit Fiction

Why would any rationale human being choose to become a pulpit rabbi?

The Benefits of Wearing a Kippah

I could easily envision an insurance company running an advertisement on a kippah with the slogan, "We've Got You Covered"

A Brief History of Bagels and Lox

I’m spreading the truth. Call it a “schmear campaign.”

Kosher Kreatures?

Think about how incredibly insulting it must be to pigs when they see kosher Jews eating "Facon."

Sweet Bread

When exactly did challah turn into dessert?

Hanukkah in Vegas

Forget about Circus Circus, stay at the brand new hotel called Latkes Latkes.

The Laws of Cholent

The Jews may be the "Chosen People" but we also are the "Cholent People.”

Up in the Air Chair

Why do Jews lift their newlyweds up in the air in chairs?

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