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Yaffa Palti

A born and bred Flatbush girl, Yaffa has always been gifted in connecting with people. Women and girls of all ages are drawn to her seeking advice, support, connection, and friendship, and she is able to relate to them genuinely and effectively, no matter their life circumstance. Yaffa moved to Israel after marrying her husband, R' Nisso Palti, and lived in Har Nof for seven years. While he was becoming a rav and dayan, Yaffa was a teacher, mechanechet, play director, and coordinator of extra curricular activities in various American girls' seminaries. In addition to being a teacher, Yaffa is a sought after public lecturer, known for her charisma, depth and humor. She is often compared to a ray of sunshine, transforming any environment she encounters into one of warmth and light. She is also a singer/songwriter and often blends together her lectures and melodies. In 2005 Yaffa moved, with her husband and children, to Mexico City, where Rav Palti served as the rabbi and spiritual leader of a large secular community. She became fluent in Spanish and was actively involved in community affairs and teaching for eleven years. In 2016 she and her family moved to San Diego California to start Aish San Diego, where her husband became the Rabbi and spiritual leader of the Carmel Valley community. Yaffa continues her community involvement in San Diego and is dedicated to kiruv full time. As a speaker, she lectures on many diverse topics, mostly motivational and inspirational, all profound, enlightening and unique. Yaffa comes from a solid Torah observant background, and was raised in a home infused with chessed and unconditional acceptance. She is a trained educator as well as a certified substance abuse professional.

The Roots of Thanksgiving

How to truly feel thankful.

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