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Jtube: Space Force

What symbols inspire you?


Jtube: Atypical

When was the last time you actually lied?


Jtube: The Politician

Is the world a darker place for our children than it was for us?


Jtube: The Spy: Are the Jewish People Safe?

Will the Jewish people ever feel safe?


Jtube: The Spy: Eli Cohen

Would you risk your life for your country?


Jtube: Fuller House

Have you looked into your DNA/genealogy? Find out anything interesting?


Jttube: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Martin Short & The Best Yiddish Word

.What is your favorite Yiddish or Hebrew word?


Jtube: Always Be My Maybe

What pretentious things do you hate?


Jtube: Wine Country

What is the difference between millennials and other generations?


Jtube: I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in a job interview?


Jtube: After Life

Why should we act kindly?


Jtube: Norm Macdonald Live: Jerry Seinfeld’s Best Jewish Joke

Are there inside jokes that only Jews get?


Jtube: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Michael Richards

If we do teshuvah (repent), is it okay to let go of our mistake and move on?


Jtube: Master of None

What sacrifices did your parents make for you to succeed?


Jtube: Jerry Before Seinfeld

What is the best way to apologize to a spouse?


Jtube: Orange is the New Black: Conversion

What draws people to convert to Judaism?


Jtube: Daredevil

Can you describe a “limitation” that can be viewed as a gift?

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