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Rabbi Yehoshua Berman

Rabbi Yehoshua Berman is an author and educator. In addition to managing a Kollel together with is colleague, Rabbi Dovid Kastin, Rabbi Berman founded and directs Lamdenu, the institute for identifying core communal concerns within the Orthodox Jewish community and addressing those concerns through the medium of awareness and education. He was the former director of C.A.R.E, Maaneh Center which deals with the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse in the Jewish community.

One of Us: A Searing Look at Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community

Exploring a number of issues that the much buzzed-about documentary raises.

Parsha: National Unity, Individual Importance

Parsha: Sweet Rain

Parsha: Choose Life

Parsha: Of a Different Order

Parsha: Don’t Forget to Live

Parsha: Ahavas Chesed

Parsha: Open Your Heart, Open Your Hand

Parsha: About Reward In This World

Parsha: Life Is Not a Game

Parsha: The Right Rebuke

Parsha: It's In the Details

Parsha: Keep Your Focus

Parsha: Devotion Brings Shalom

Parsha: Yes, God Loves YOU

Parsha: Keep Yourself In Check

Parsha: It's God, Not You

Parsha: The Right Outlook

Parsha: To Be Big

Parsha: Be Humble, Be Wise

Parsha: And From Your Hand Have They Given To You

Parsha: Being Holy, Being Good

Parsha: No Matter Who, Where or When

Parsha: The Sanctity of Marriage

Parsha: Deathly White or Purely White?

Parsha: Know Your Limitations

Parsha: Everyone Needs a Push

Parsha: No Competition

Parsha: All From Above

Parsha: Refresh, Reinvigorate, Refine

Parsha: Only to Hashem Alone

Parsha: The Core Purpose

Parsha: What Really Counts

Parsha: Don't Forget

Parsha: Just the Straightforward Facts

Parsha: Life's Symphony

Parsha: Educating Our Children

Parsha: The Tightest Bond

Parsha: Think

Parsha: Heaven and Earth, Earth and Heaven

Parsha: The Secret of Forgiveness

Parsha: True Confession

Parsha: The Winning Strategy

Parsha: True Gratitude

Parsha: Higher Purpose

Parsha: True Might

Parsha: Details, Details

Parsha: Accepting Rebuke

Parsha: Avraham and Lot

Parsha: The Correct Direction

Where Noah went wrong.

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