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Rabbi Eli Scheller

Originally from New York, Rabbi Eli Scheller has spent a significant amount of time in Israel, training as an outreach professional, lecturing and leading Shabbatons. Rabbi Eli’s keen understanding and appreciation of people, and penchant for music, led him to spearhead an organization of repute to inspire teens at risk. After earning his rabbinical ordination from Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, Rabbi Eli moved to Los Angeles, where he shared the melody of Torah-living with many students, Hollywood admirers and celebrities. His love for people infuses an unforgettable dimension into his encounters, which inspires men and women across the Jewish spectrum. Currently, Rabbi Eli resides in Baltimore, with his wife, Chavie, and their three kids, where he teaches and inspires Jews through his program, J-BAL, a division of Etz Chaim. Click here to buy Rabbi Scheller’s book, A Minute Vort.

Awakening the Child Within

Studies show that most young kids are creative geniuses. Then what happens?

Two Sides to Every Desk: A Rosh Hashanah Parable

My boss summoned me into his office. He stood on one side of the desk and I stood on the other.

Parsha: Knock Your Socks Off

Parsha: If There's a Will, There's a Way

Parsha: Service With a Smile


Purim: A Day of Laughter

The element of surprise and getting the last laugh.

Parsha: Premium Gas

Parsha: Enter Your Destination

Parsha: The Torah Way or the Highway

Parsha: Be Better or Be Bitter

Parsha: Start Again

Parsha: Say No to Anger

Parsha: The Gift of Life

Parsha: Deaf to the World

Parsha: Chanelling Emotions

Parsha: Keep the Faith

Parsha: It's Never Too Late!

Parsha: The Fight!

Parsha: Friend or Foe

Parsha: Grab the Opportunity

Parsha: 100% Not Genuine

Parsha: Possession Obsession

Parsha: Leaving the Garbage Behind

Parsha: “Everyone’s Doing It”

Parsha: Organize and Prioritize

Parsha: Going with the Flow

Parsha: Becoming the CEO

Parsha: The Missing Puzzle Pieces

Parsha: Choose Life!


Rosh Hashanah: Repair Kit Included

Our manufacturer knows that we’re going to fall.

Parsha: "I'll Do It Tomorrow"

Parsha: Meet the Evil Inclination

Parsha: Stop - Wrong Way!

Parsha: Not the Way It Seems

Parsha: Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak!

Parsha: Jealous??

Parsha: Not So Fast!

Parsha: The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

Parsha: See the Light!

Parsha: How To Influence Others

Parsha: Competing With the Contractor

Parsha: Generously Stingy

Parsha: Blinded!

Parsha: You're a Great Guy, But...

Parsha: "Speak Lower, I Can't Hear You"

Parsha: Out-Of-Order

Parsha: On Leadership: Leading a Nation of Individuals

Judaism’s remarkable insistence – like no other civilization before – on the dignity and integrity of the individual.

Parsha: Slow Down!!

Parsha: Remain Sedated or Get Persuaded

Parsha: The Creator & Sustainer

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