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Dovid Rosenfeld, a native of the Washington, D.C. area, works both as a programmer for aish.com and as a responder for its Ask the Rabbi service. He also serves as a volunteer writer for Torah.org. He lives with his wife and family in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. Rabbi Rosenfeld's son Zvi recently published his first book, The Ring of Fate, a riveting, fast-paced fantasy novel which is also completely kosher in both language and subject matter. It is available as both book and ebook. It is sold by Booklocker.com, as well as by Amazon.com and all the major on-line sellers.

Evil Eye – Ayin Hara

Announcing a Pregnancy

Simchat Torah: Just You and Me

Amidst all the dancing and revelry, we realize just how alone we are with God.

Shabbat: God’s Perfect Universe

Why we rest on Shabbat.

Tisha B’Av: The Pain of Distance

On the ninth day of Av, God teaches us just how painful it is when He isn’t there.

Not Hungry for Third Meal (Seudah Shlishit)

Carrying Keys on Shabbat

Musical Toys on Shabbat

Milk and Meat on Same Table

Challah – Breaking Bread on Shabbat

Charity – Small versus Large Sums

Tzitzit Maintenance – Checking the Strings

Is Turkey Kosher?

Blessing on Ice Cream Cone

Blessings on Thunder and Lightning

Not Talking After Washing for Bread

“Who Did Not Make Me a Woman”

Tefillin on Top of Bandage

Carrying: Using a Cane on Shabbat

Shavuot: Crazy, Stupid Love

Staying up Shavuot night teaches us what Torah study is all about.

Staying up Shavuot Night

Kiddush – Drinking the Wine

Springtime Blessing – Flowering Fruit Trees

Husband Lighting

Kiddush – How Much Wine

Earliest Time for Morning Prayers (Shacharit)

Completion of Kaddish

Tying Shoelaces

Tasting Food

Covering the Stove (Blech)

Food with Writing

Hungry During Seder

Why Sell Chametz (Leaven)?

Searching for Chametz (Leaven) Early

Exodus: The Unexpected Redemption

Why did God make the slavery worse before redeeming the Jewish people?

What to Use for Besamim (Spices)?

Kiddush Without Wine

Separation between Fish and Meat

Forgotten Blessing

Purim’s Non-Heroes

The marked inactivity of the Purim story’s main characters holds the key to the story.

Blessing on Bananas and Berries

Blessing on Medicines

Banging for Haman

Mishloach Manot

Don’t Miss a Word

Exemptions from Fasting

Judaism and Dreams

The significance of dreams in Jewish thought.

Sandy's Message of Hope

Extraordinary Jewish sensitivity to victims of the storm, and how you can help.

Abraham and Healthy Spirituality

Our forefather Abraham not only taught the world about God; he taught us how to discover Him.

Moses: No Entry into Israel

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