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Giti Fredman

Originally from Lakewood, NJ, Giti Fredman spent her formative years nestled in a vibrant, Orthodox community. While attending an all-girls prep school, Giti spent her free time volunteering with the elderly, underprivileged families and families facing medical crisis. For fun, Giti would express her creative side through painting and cake-decorating. After falling in love with the Holy Land during her gap year in Israel, she dreamed of settling in the Land. This dream was actualized shortly after getting married to David Fredman in 2001. Her first 3 children were born in Jerusalem while Giti was building her specialty cake and cookie business. Always loving to connect likeminded Jewish women, Giti took on the role as the coordinator for the English-speaking Jewish women's sisterhood. After spending seven years of learning and growing as an individual, a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur, Giti and her family decided it was time to give back to the community through teaching and strengthening the Jewish community of the Diaspora. Giti’s four year hands on experience in Seattle taught her how to become a Jewish leader. Teaching, engaging women in study, hosting countless guests for Shabbat and Holidays, as well as braving the constant Pacific Northwest rain, honed Giti’s craft and prepared her for her next big role as Rebbetzin of Aish Minnesota. In the Twin Cities, Giti continues to engage the broader Jewish community. Between leading mom’s missions to Israel, teaching hundreds of people to bake challah she also finds time to paint, write for TC JewFolk, and train for a 75 mile charity bike ride.

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