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Rabbi Ozer Alport

Ozer Alport was born and raised in Kansas City, a rare third-generation Midwestern Jew. After graduating from Harvard with a degree in economics, he went on to study in the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem for five years. He now lives in Brooklyn, where he teaches weekly Torah classes and authors Aish.com's Parsha Potpourri column, which were released in book form in 2012. To receive his weekly Torah emails, write to oalport@post.harvard.edu .

Parsha: Aharon's Silence

Aharon's incredible reaction to the tragic death of his two sons.

Parsha: Ear Ache on Shabbos

Parsha: Seven-Year Reading

Parsha: Blueprint of Creation

Parsha: Threats and Consolation

Parsha: Strength to Overcome

Parsha: Brotherly Love

Parsha: The Rewards of Outreach

Parsha: Agricultural Dependence

Parsha: Newborn Jews

Parsha: Avoiding the Head Count

Parsha: A Mother's Prayer

Parsha: The Unknown Revoked Vow

Parsha: Calculating the Inheritance

Parsha: Getting What You Want

Parsha: Release From City of Refuge

Parsha: Never Again!

Parsha: One Good Hour

Parsha: The Light of Shabbos Food

Parsha: Assigning the Holy Tasks

Parsha: The Smallest Tribe

Parsha: Proud To Be a Jew

Parsha: Sleeping Soundly

Parsha: Natural Death

Parsha: Roots of Revenge

Parsha: Constant Tzedakah

Parsha: Treasure House

Parsha: The Pungent Aroma

Parsha: Using Up Merits

Parsha: Voluntary Offerings

Parsha: Changing the Blueprint

Parsha: The Winning Vote

Parsha: Shabbat in the Desert

Parsha: Wisdom of the Heart

Parsha: Golden Inside and Out

Parsha: Appreciating the Effort

Parsha: Constructive Criticism

Parsha: A Different Unity

Parsha: Blood on the Door

Parsha: Hitting the Frogs

Parsha: Moshe's Parents

Parsha: Rolling Home

Parsha: Educational Foundation

Parsha: Ingenious Plan

The brothers could not have used an impostor for Benyamin.

Parsha: Whiter Than Milk

Parsha: Fear of Attack

Parsha: Confident Protection

Parsha: Self-Made Man

​We are never too old to learn.​

Parsha: Regretting a Good Deed

Parsha: Praying For Others

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