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Lauren Roth

Lauren Roth, MSW, LSW, is a graduate of Princeton University, and an inspirational speaker across North America and on the high seas. Mrs. Roth and her husband, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth, are the parents of six children.

How Do I Stop my Internet Addiction?

There are days where one video leads to a million and I don’t even leave the house. Help!

As an American Teen, What Can I Do to Counter Hate?

I want to do something…but I’m only 14.

13 Reasons Why Pushback

By committing suicide, Hannah Baker took the selfish route that hurt many people, most of all herself.

Q&A for Teens: Dumbing Myself Down

To fit in with my friends, I speak in a way that makes me sound dumber than I really am.

How You Can Deal with Pain

Six things we all can do when faced with a painful situation.

Should I Turn Off My Phone?

People think we are too connected to our phones. I’m not sure I agree.

A Meaningful Life

Balancing taking care of ourselves with taking care of others.

Dumbing Myself Down

My boss said I should pretend to be less capable than I actually am.

Listening to My Parents?

School is hard. I want to take a day off. But my parents say I shouldn’t.

The Four Rules to Get Along with Other People

Imagine how the world would be if everyone lived by these principles!

My Mean Friend

My friend is so mean to me. Help!

The Most Important Interpersonal Skill

How to work on being a better person this New Year.

Mean Teacher

I have a teacher who is so mean to me! What should I do?

My Hateful Father

My father is constantly disrespecting me and refuses to get help.

Feeling Forced into Religion

My parents keep Shabbat, but I’m just not really feeling it.

Intruder in My Social Group

I have a former best friend who’s now trying to take away my friends!

Curfew Woes

When will my parents stop treating me like I’m a little kid?

Sensitivity to Others

I have to go to a shiva house and I don’t know what to say when I’m there.

How Can I Make the World a Better Place?

There’s so much pain in the world. But I’m just a teenager. What can I do?

Peer Pressure

Don’t let people pressure you into being something you’re not.


I’m away at college, and I’m just so sad!

Fighting Darkness With Light

I feel scared and sad by all the violence filling the world. What can I do?

Choosing a Career

It’s time for me to decide what I’m going to do in the future. I feel lost!

How to Lead a Group Well

My youth group president hogs all the power and doesn’t listen to anyone else.

No Confidence

I really want to make my dreams come true, but I’m too scared of what people will think.

Should I Keep My Materialistic Friend?

My friend always talks about money. Should I keep her as a friend?

Parents Fighting

My parents have a terrible marriage and it’s affecting my whole family. What should I do?

Am I A Control Freak?

I have this need to feel in control. Is something wrong with me?

Manipulative Friend

Stay away from people who don’t treat you well.

Mother with Unreasonable Expectations

I feel I will never be good enough for my mother.

Love Notes to God

How do I know God loves me?

Self-Discipline and Grit

Help! I need to lose weight after being in bed for a month with mono.


Trying to see the good in difficult situations.

Breaking My New Year’s Resolution

I made a New Year’s Resolution, and I kept it…until now.

Friend in Wheelchair

Don’t let your friend get away with murder just because she’s in a wheelchair.

My Father Makes Fun of Me

My dad always makes fun of me and then says he was just joking.

How to Get Your Teen to Stop Drinking

If you want to influence their decisions, make sure they feel your love, caring, and respect.

Drink Up

When I go to parties, my friends all pressure me to drink.

Life Is So Hard

I get thrown difficulty after difficulty, and I’m so overwhelmed and anxious and stressed out by it.

Can God Love Me?

I feel guilty for what I’ve done wrong and it’s hard for me to believe God loves me.


All my family does is gossip! What do I do?

Back to School Nerves

My stomach hurts every time I think about going back to school.

Identifying with Israel

I’m a regular American teenager about to go to camp. How do I feel Israel’s struggle during this time of war?

A Special Soul

How my special needs sibling changed our family and our community.

Scared to Make Friends

I want to feel connected to others but I’m scared to make a new friend.

Haters Bringing Up Your Past

How do you get people to change their opinion of you if you’ve changed for the better?

My Dad is Glued to his Phone

My father is always on his cell phone. He doesn’t even seem to notice I’m there.

Mean Girl Sleeping Over

You don’t have to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t treat you well.

Grandma Coming to Stay

Honoring someone who thinks and acts differently than you do.

A Web of Lies

My teacher told me not to tell my friend what he said.

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