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Menucha Chana Levin

Born in South Africa and raised in Canada, Menucha Chana Levin B.A. M.Ed. has lived in Jerusalem with her family for over twenty years. The author of five novels, her latest book is Hidden Heritage about international adoption in Jewish families.

Righteous Doctors During the Holocaust

As doctors, Kurt and Ella Lingens valued human life. During the Holocaust, they went far beyond that ideal.

Save the Children: Yvonne Nèvejean and Queen Elisabeth of Belgium

When the lives of thousands of Jewish children were at stake, royalty came to their rescue.

The Six-Year-Old Holocaust Heroine from Ukraine

Yaroslava Levytska is the youngest person recognized as a Righteous of the Nations for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

The American Couple who Risked Everything to Help Holocaust Refugees

Only five Americans were honored by Yad Vashem as Righteous of the Nations. This is the story of two of them.

A Jewish Couple Saved a Church. Their Generosity Ended Up Saving Jewish Lives

Solomon and Esther Ueberall raised the funds needed to keep a NY church open. Decades later during the Holocaust, their generosity was repaid in a remarkable manner.

The Remarkable Rosh Hashanah Rescue of Denmark’s Jews

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, September 29, 1943, the Danish resistance carried out one of World War II’s most notable acts of heroism.

Blue-Collar Hero: Zanis Lipke of Latvia

With bravery and moral courage, a dock worker in Riga risked his life to save Latvian Jews.

The Grandparents I Never Knew

I only knew that they had been killed by terrible people called Nazis during the war.

Talking with Angels

Margit (Gitta) Mallasz, swimming champion, artist and writer, saved 100 Jewish women and children in Budapest.

The Courage to Defy: Paul Gruninger Risked Everything to Rescue Jewish Refugees

How the football-playing Swiss policeman chose morality and compassion over his career.

March of Life: Descendants of Nazis Remember the Holocaust

Remembrance, reconciliation and fighting anti-Semitism.

The Kind Aryan: Wehrmacht Major Eberhard Helmrich

Eberhard and Donata Helmrich were a heroic, righteous couple who risked their lives to save Jews.

Muslim and Jewish Families Save Each Other, 50 Years Apart

The Hardagas hid the Kabilijo family in Sarjevo during the Holocaust. They returned the favor 50 years later.

Friend of the Jews: How Dr. Adelaide Hautval Defied the Nazis and Saved Jewish Lives

Standing up for Jews, Dr. Hautval was sent to Auschwitz where she was asked to assist in medical experiments performed in Block 10.

The Belgian Priest who Saved 400 Jews

Dom Bruno joined the resistance and at great risk to his life established a network of hiding places for Jewish children.

Frank Foley: The Spy who Saved 10,000 Jews

This unassuming man was a hero who led a dangerous double life in Nazi Germany as head of Britain’s intelligence service.

The French Resistance Socialite Heroine who Saved 60 Jewish Children

Everyone should know about Suzanne Spaak’s remarkable courage.

Wladyslaw Kowalski: The Polish Officer who Saved 49 Jews

Risking his life, Kowalski’s house in Warsaw became a shelter for Jewish refugees.

The ‘Italian Wallenberg’ who Saved Over 5000 Hungarian Jews

Posing as a Spanish ambassador in Hungary, Giorgio Perlasca risked his life to save 5218 Jews from deportation to Nazi death camps.

Mary Elmes: A Quiet Heroine

An unknown Irish heroine risked her life to save 200 Jewish children from the Nazis.

The Scandalous Murder of Alexander Rubowitz

In 1947 a Jewish boy, 16, was kidnapped from Jerusalem and never seen again. His alleged abductor, a British WWII hero, apparently got away with murder.

Jewish Nurse Breastfeeds Arab Baby

The baby’s mother was injured in a car accident that killed his father.

The Nazi Doctor who Saved a Jewish G.I.

Robert Levine was captured by the Nazis. As his life hung in balance, his dog tags revealed that he was Jewish.

Dr. Henry Heimlich: Saving Lives, Saving Worlds

The maneuver of Dr. Heimlich, who recently passed away at age 96, wasn't his great contribution to saving lives.

Remembering the Sbarro Bombing

Giving meaning to memory on the yahrzeit of the horrific tragedy.

The Surviving Tree

Fanny and Jerry Goose’s story of surviving the Holocaust.

Honoring an Arab Righteous Gentile

Dr. Mohamed Helmy, an Egyptian Arab, risked his own life to save a Jewish family during the Holocaust.

Israelis in the Ukraine

After centuries of anti-Semitism, Israel’s national soccer team shows the locals what it means to be a mensch.

Climbing Everest

Meters away from fulfilling his dream of being the youngest Israeli to reach the summit, Nadav chose to do something even greater.

Heart to Heart

How do you repay the cost of your life?

Vietnamese Boat People in the Promised Land

Memories of Holocaust refugees, but with a different ending.

Cinderella & the Israeli Soldier

A glimpse of life in Israel you don’t get to hear in the mainstream media.

As the Flame Flickers

The challenge of observing the anniversary of the death of someone never born.

The "Jewish Tribe" in Uganda

Meet the Abayudaya -- hundreds of would-be Jews in east Africa who have created an amazing community.

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