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Jtube: West Wing: Leadership

What makes a great leader?


Jtube: America's Got Talent: Preacher Lawson

What's more important: this world or the next?


Jtube: The Ellen Show: Hanukkah Candles

What is your favorite Hanukkah memory?


Jtube: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Prank

What is the best prank you have ever experienced?


Jtube: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Back to School

Knowing what you know today, what would you tell your high school self?


Jtube: West Wing: Proportional Response

When is a proportional response not appropriate?


Jtube: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Jews Taking Over the World

How do we educate children against anti-Semitism?


Jtube: Scrubs

Does being a leader sometimes mean being the bad guy?


Jtube: Mr. Rogers on Late Night with David Letterman

Has children's television lost its innocence?


Jtube: This is Us

What is the most meaningful advice you ever got when you were grieving?


Jtube: The Good Place

What is the best way to ensure a good judgment for the New Year?


Jtube: Saturday Night Live: A Bris in the Royal Deluxe II

Why has a bris become such a fundamental part of Jewish identity?


Jtube: American Ninja Warrior: Rabbi Ninja?

Are physical fitness and religious commitment compatible?


Jtube: America's Got Talent: Yeshiva Boys Beat Boxing

Is it a Kiddish Hashem for Jews to publicly demonstrate their talents like this?


Jtube: The Steve Harvey Show: A Kiddush Hashem

Would you have returned the money?


Jtube: Tonight Show

Have we taken texting too far?


Jtube: Frasier: Acting Jewish

What is the most ridiculous Jewish stereotype you have ever heard?


Jtube: Saturday Night Live: Financial Advice Seminar

How can you tell when someone is lying to you?


Jtube: America's Got Talent

Can comedy help heal?


Jtube: Blacklist

Do you think data from immoral experimentation should be used after the fact?


Jtube: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: Who's On First

What makes a classic comedy sketch so timeless?


Jtube: Jackie Mason on the Dean Martin Show

What responsibility do you as a citizen feel that you have to support your government?


Jtube: Bar Mitzvah Boy Does Good: The Ellen Show

What is the most amazing act of kindness you have ever seen?


Jtube: Special Kneads

What makes those with special needs special?


Jtube: Last Comic Standing

How can we ensure that we are good neighbors to the non-Jews living amongst us?


Jtube: Frasier: Lashon Hara

What are the dangers of Lashon Hara (gossiping)?


Jtube: Seinfeld: The Kosher Meal

Have you ever been stranded without kosher food?


Jtube: The Tonight Show: Muhammad Ali, the Hasid

Why aren't there more famous Jewish athletes?


Jtube: Different Strokes: Conversion

If you weren’t born Jewish do you think you would convert to Judaism?


Jtube: Saturday Night Live: Jewish Willy Wonka

Why is food so central to Jewish life?


Jtube: Freaks and Geeks

What is the best way to get a message across to kids?


Jtube: Go On

Is humor a healthy technique when dealing with emotional pain?


Jtube: America's Got Talent: Edon

Edon: Good for the Jews? Discuss.


Jtube: Up All Night

Is good parenting innate or learned?


Jtube: The Office

How much are we impacted by the way others see us?


Jtube: The Office: Resolutions

What gets in the way of real change?

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