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Jtube: Man With a Plan

How can we teach our children to use technology responsibly?


Courney Cox Surprises "Friends" Superfan's Zoom Bar Mitzvah

Naftali planned a virtual Friends-themed bar mitzvah; James Corden enlists his friend Courteney Cox to give Naftali the surprise of a lifetime.


Jtube: Mel Brooks on CBS Sunday Morning

Do you think political correctness is hurting comedy today?


Jtube: Young Sheldon

Are children growing up too fast?


Jtube: Kanye West Speaks About Faith

What inspires people to become religious?


Jtube: The Late Late Show with James Corden: Fat Shaming

What's wrong with fat-shaming?


Jtube: "Mad Magazine" Will Cease Publishing

Did Mad Magazine have any influence on your life?


Jtube: Beautiful Disaster: Acquired Savant Syndrome

How do you explain this incredible gift?


Jtube: Giving Someone's Life Back

Would you give an organ to a stranger?


Jtube: Stephen Colbert & Itzhak Perlman

What would you tell your thirteen year old self?


Jtube: The Carrol Burnett Show: Sorry

Why is saying "sorry" so hard?


Jtube: All in the Family: Rich Jews

Where does the "all Jews are rich" stereotype come from?


Jtube: Carpool Karaoke: James Corden & Paul McCartney

What’s one of the most powerful songs that inspires you?


Jtube: Living Biblically: Modern False Idols

What are our modern "false idols"?


Jtube: David Letterman: Jews and Golf

Why aren’t there more famous Jewish golfers?


Jtube: Finding the Balance: Carol Burnett and Friends

What’s your best top to balancing family and career?


Jtube: All in the Family

Is there such a thing as Jewish mannerisms?


Jtube: Young Sheldon

When should a person strive to fit in and when should he stand up to social pressure and be different?


Jtube: Archie Bunker's Place: Archie's Jewish Niece

With the rise of anti-Semitism, should we be afraid to let others know we are Jewish?


Jtube: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

What is the craziest thing your mother ever texted you?


Jtube: The Tool Man

Do we underestimate people who are different?


JTube: Judy Garland Show: Jack Carter

How are kids different now than when you were a kid?


Jtube: The Late Show with James Corden

Why do you think kosher food has become so well known in the non Jewish world?


Jtube: Mort Sahl on the Merv Griffin Show

Do the Jewish people have a direct line to God?


Jtube: Letterman Show: David Chappelle & Money

Does money make you happy?


The $20 Gift for a Soldier

How an 8-year-old boy transformed $20 into a priceless gift.


Jtube: The Best Football Play

Who do you think benefited from this more – Keith or his teammates?


Jtube: All in the Family: Archie’s Jewish Friend

How important is it to keep your Jewish name?


Jtube: Big Bang Theory

Why is respecting our parents such a difficult mitzvah?


Jtube: Everybody Loves Raymond: God

How would you answer the question?


Jtube: 2 Broke Girls

What mitzvah would you want all non-Jews to keep?


Jtube: King of Queens

Why do crises make us reevaluate our life decisions?


Jtube: The Secret Millionaire

Why does helping others feels so good?


Jtube: The Truth About Lies

What irrational things do you believe despite lack of or contrary evidence?


Jtube: How I Met Your Mother

Should we lie to our kids in order to build their self esteem?


How I Met Your Mother 2

What does it take to make yourself "essential" at work?


A Hoop Dream

Do your prejudices about the disabled actually limit what they can accomplish?

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