Charity & Loans

Charging Interest - Can you explain the concept in Jewish Law which prohibits the charging of interest. Is there a loophole to charge interest even in Orthodox business circles? More »
Charity – Small versus Large Sums - I find myself inundated with requests for charity, both at my door and in my mailbox. To me, this creates a dilemma. On the one hand, I feel I shouldn’t turn down worthy causes. On the other, if I spread… More »
Do I Really Need To Give? - I work very hard for my money and I resent the fact that Jewish charities and organizations are constantly hounding me for donations. If I were wealthy, I could understand. But why are they bothering me? More »
Giving Valuables as Charity - I recently bought several articles of clothing which it turns out I do not need. I was thinking of donating them to a local Jewish clothing charity. Can I count the donation towards the 10% I give as tithe on… More »
Hiring More Expensive Relatives - I need some minor repair work done on my roof. I’ve been shopping around for prices and can have it done at a reasonable cost. The issue is, I have a relative who works in the same area and is… More »
Jewish Giving - I am doing some research on the giving habits of various religions and population groups. This information will be helpful in my giving the Kol Nidre Appeal for my synagogue this year. Unfortunately, the level of giving in my synagogue… More »
Levels of Giving - I once heard a concept that a person should study the Torah laws even as they relate to performing acts of kindness, because there is always a better, more effective way of doing kindness, according to our Jewish tradition. When… More »
Tzedakah Basics - It is well-known that Jews are charitable. I'm wondering if you can help me trace the source of that historically. And perhaps shed some light on what my obligations might be today. More »
Which Charities to Give to? - I enjoy giving charity, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of "good causes" out there: feeding the poor, educational needs, handicapped children, etc. Is there some yardstick I can use to measure the appropriate value of each charity? More »

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