Forbidden Activities - Carrying

Accidental Carrying on Shabbat - What do you do if you realize you’re carrying something outside on Shabbat, such as if you have something in your pocket you didn’t know about? More »
Carrying Child Who Can Walk on Shabbat - Regarding the law that one may carry a child who can walk by himself outside without an Eruv, how well does the child need to be able to walk? Let’s say he walks only with assistance. More »
Carrying Keys on Shabbat - I’d like to know if there is any way I can carry my house key to the synagogue and back on Shabbat. The typical trick of hiding it under the mat just doesn’t feel so secure to me (we actually… More »
Carrying: Using a Cane on Shabbat - Unfortunately, my legs have been giving me a lot of trouble lately and I am unable to walk unaided. Is there any way I can walk outdoors using a walker or a cane, or is that an issue of carrying… More »
Walking a Dog on Shabbat - We have a neighbor who isn’t well, so lately we’ve been walking his dog for him. Are we allowed to take her out on Shabbat as well? There is no eiruv where we live. More »

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