All Hail the (Baby) King!

July 25, 2013

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Having children makes me one of today's radicals. At least I can count among my fellow “radicals” a future king and queen.

Mazel Tov! After much anticipation, at 4:24pm in London on July 22, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth. The Royal bundle is an 8lbs. 6oz. son, future King – and perhaps a real Jewish Prince.

Mazal tov to the future King and Queen on their new (perhaps) Jewish Prince.

For those of you who haven’t heard, according to lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Kate’s mother, Carol, is the daughter of Ronald and Dorothy Goldsmith (whose parents, he claims, were also Jews). The Jewish line may thicken with hubby Wills. It’s been speculated the late Princess Diana's mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was born a Rothschild. If that weren’t enough, the London Daily Mail reported that Diana is actually the biological daughter of Sir James Goldschmidt, also a Jew.

Royal ancestry-mavens consider all this hearsay, but between the two of them, chances are some Jewish runs through the bluish.

In fact, the new heir was born in a “Jewish” wing of St. Mary’s hospital. Sephardic Jew, Frank Charles Lindo paid for the wing in 1937! He must be shepping some naches!

From the day it was announced that the royal couple was expecting, reporters, photographers, and people on the street went wild! How ironic, I thought. In an atmosphere of zero or low population growth, where having more than 1.5 (I’m not a statistician) children are often met with frowns from those who count carbon footprints, this arrival should be met with a fervor rivaling the coming of the Messiah.

True, this particular arrival will insure the family business continues for at least the next few generations and according to Jewish Law this is critical. In Jewish tradition we have tremendous respect for government and authority. In the Talmud, Rabbi Chanina teaches: "Pray for the security of the government, for were it not for the fear of its authority, a man would swallow his neighbor alive." As a child growing up in England I can still recall special blessings for the royal family, for to have the utmost respect for royalty allows one to recognize the ultimate Kingship in this world.

And the people are feeling it. One man who waited outside St. Mary’s hospital for 12 days, said: “We’ve got a lovely married couple and baby will make three – and they will be a family.”

King Solomon, who was called "the wisest of all men" for a reason, used the analogy of a threefold cord: "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." He reminds us that a one-strand cord is weak by itself, a two-strand cord is stronger, and a three-strand rope is stronger than either. Children, create a threefold cord.

Ever since Kate, who stems from the tiny village of Bucklebury, became the new fairy tale Duchess, she’s become the “IT” girl of the century, and she’s a “hit.” Modern, educated, and hands-on, everything about her becomes “trendy.” So, let’s watch the birth rate!

True, unlike most newlyweds today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don’t have to worry finances, debts, child care, or university, the new baby (and God-willing many future ones) has sent a greater message than “Heir and (hopefully) Spares.”

The national and international mood is soaring at this mind-blowing “event” and I can hope that the royal imprimatur will make having children a “hit” once again. In the twenty-first century, parents have become the new counterculture. Strangely, having children makes me one of today's radicals. At least I can count among my fellow “radicals” a future king and queen.

Hopefully the king and queen’s new child will help us all realize that as a society, we should value every child like he or she is the next king or queen.

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