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January 27, 2010 | by

At last, incredible labyrinth of tunnels, arches and passageways are revealed to us.

In front of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, an incredible labyrinth of tunnels, arches, and passageways remained untouched for centuries. At last, revealed through extensive archaeological excavations during the last few decades and culminating in the explosive opening of autumn of 1996, the Tunnels beckon us to enter.

Click to BeginToday we will explore that remnant of the Temple, known as the Western Wall, "Kotel" in Hebrew, and the adjacent tunnel system. Along the way we'll be privileged to view some wondrous archaeological discoveries. But more then just bricks and stones, we'll also discover a whole new spiritual world - literally under our feet, and all thanks to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, who over the years has (and is continuing) to excavate and restore this most precious and holy site.

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