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Vote for Lori!

September 29, 2009 | by

Help her win $25,000 to bring women to Israel.

United Jewish Communities is presenting a contest to find a Jewish Community Hero. Our own Lori Palatnik has been nominated, but needs over 65,000 votes to overtake the leading hero so far. Aish readers -- you can do this!

The contest closes soon, on October 8th, and you are allowed to vote for the same person every 12 hours. So if you rally Lori can win, and that means $25,000 will be used to help Lori bring women to Israel to learn and be inspired. And we all know, if you inspire one woman, you inspire a whole family. Now that's Jewish continuity.

Vote for Lori and help me win $25,000 to send women to Israel! PLEASE vote and pass on!!

Lori Palatnik | Jewish Community Heroes
Lori and her group, the Utah 8, worked diligently and tirelessly to bring 300 women to Israel to inspire them, teach them, and motivate them to do and to be: to do mitzvot and to be Jewish; to do all we can to learn and live and to be all we can as parents, teachers and community members.

Just follow these steps from now through Oct. 8th.

1. Book mark the link below:

2. Every morning from now until Oct. 8 click on the booked marked link and submit your vote for Lori.

3. Every evening (12 hours later) click on the booked marked link and submit your vote for Lori.

That's it!

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