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Chaim Yankel’s Visit to Home Depot

November 1, 2020 | by

When the ice-maker on his refrigerator broke, Chaim Yankel decided to go to Home Depot to find the part to fix it himself. Because the sun was so bright that day and the interior of the store was dark, Chaim Yankel’s eyes hadn't quite adjusted when he walked in. He accidentally stepped on the foot of a woman examining some samples. She screamed, causing him to jump sideways into a display of fireplace tools that went crashing in every direction. Unnerved, he stumbled over to the service desk, and as he put his hands on the counter, he flipped over a bowl of marbles, scattering them everywhere.

After taking a deep breath to calm himself, Chaim Yankel announced to the wide-eyed woman working there, "My refrigerator doesn't work."

She replied, simply, "For some reason, that doesn’t surprise me.”

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