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Heshy and the Penguin named Cholent

November 10, 2019 | by

Old Heshy Himmelman was getting a little lonely living by himself after his wife passed away so he decided to buy himself a pet. Heshy was always a little different, and apparently so was his choice in pets. He got himself a penguin. He named him Cholent.

Soon after he got Cholent the penguin, Heshy was driving in town one day with Cholent sitting on the front seat next to him.

A policeman notices Cholent in the car and motions for Heshy to pull over.

The officer says, "What are you doing with that penguin?"

Heshy replies, "We are just going for an afternoon drive."

The officer says, "I want you to take that penguin to the zoo right away, or you will be in big trouble."

Heshy replies, "No problem, I can do that," and the policeman lets them go on their way. Two days later, Heshy and Cholent are going for a drive again with Cholent sitting in the front seat. This time the penguin has on dark sunglasses. When they pass through town, the same policeman spots Cholent in the car. He furiously motions for Heshy to pull over. As soon as the car stops, he marches right up to Heshy and demands, "You are the same guy I saw two days ago with a penguin. What are you trying to do now? Don't you think that I can still recognize a penguin even if it has sunglasses on? I thought I told you to take that penguin to the zoo right away?" Heshy replies, "Yes officer you did. I took him to the zoo yesterday. We had so much fun at the zoo that today I thought we would go to the beach today!"


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