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Morty’s Driver’s License

October 27, 2019 | by

John Livingstone was sitting on his lawn sun tanning and reading, when he was startled by a fairly late model car crashing through a hedge and onto his lawn. Out came an elderly Jew named Morty Nussbaum and John helped him sit down.

"My goodness," John exclaimed. "You are quite old to be driving!"

"Yes," Morty replied. "I am old enough that I don't need a license anymore. The last time I went to my doctor he examined me and asked if I had a driving license. I told him yes and handed it to him."

"He took scissors out of a drawer, cut the license into pieces and threw them in the wastebasket. 'You won't be needing this anymore,' he said."

"So I thanked him and left."


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