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Taking the Stand

September 26, 2019 | by

Chaim Yankel managed to obtain his PhD in psychology and opened a practice. But his real dream was to be an expert witness in court and soon enough he got his first opportunity to testify. He sat down in the witness chair, unaware that its rear legs were set precariously on the back of the raised platform.

"Will you state your name?" asked the district attorney. Tilting back in his chair Chaim Yankel opened his mouth to answer, but instead catapulted head-over-heels backward and landed in a stack of exhibits and recording equipment.

Everyone watched in stunned silence as Chaim Yankel extricated himself, rearranged his disheveled hair and was reseated on the witness stand. It was such an embarrassing scene for Chaim Yankel who was mortified.

"Well, doctor," continued the district attorney without changing expression, "we could start with an easier question."

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