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Learn Hebrew: Amusement Park

August 16, 2009 | by

Why does Tel Aviv have a flying camel?

This year is the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv. In the early 1930s, Tel Aviv initiated its first international fair ground. At the opening of the fair, it was announced that a major area near the Yarkon River was being allocated for one of the major exhibition parks in the world.

The area was so desolated and detached from the center of Tel Aviv that the mayor of the adjacent city of Jaffa who participated in the event mocked his neighbors, stating that this aspiration would happen "only when the camel grows wings." Soon enough, the fair was built and its symbol was a flying camel. Later on, next to the exhibition fair, the city of Tel Aviv built an amusement park (Luna Park, ). One of the nicest rides in the park is the Flying Camel (hagamal hame'ofef, ). In this ride you go up slowly and have a magnificent 360-degree view of the city of Tel Aviv and its surroundings -- all from the eye of the flying camel.

Amusement parks are a wonderful place to have fun in the summer. It also gives us an opportunity to learn some interesting Hebrew words. So invite your friends and let's have fun (kef,) at the Luna Park!

Amusement Park Vocabulary

Translation: Ferris wheel (lit: giant wheel) Transliteration: Galgal Anak Part of speech: Noun, Masculine

Translation: Bumper cars Transliteration: Mechoniyot mit'nagshot Part of speech: Noun, Feminine, Plural

Translation: Flying Saucer (lit: Saucer) Transliteration: Tzalachat Part of speech: Noun, Feminine

Translation: Carrousel, merry-go-round Transliteration: Karusella Part of speech: Noun, Feminine

Related Hebrew Names

Gil - A modern boy's name, meaning "joy and happiness."

Chedva - A modern girl's name, meaning "joy and happiness."

Hebrew Word Search

See if you can find all the words in the puzzle below:

Lehitra'ot baLuna-Park! See you at the Luna Park!

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