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A Passover Miracle?

July 23, 2009 | by

One day, little Jacob is praying to God, when Arthur, the town "grouch," passes by.

"Why in the world are you praying?" asks Arthur. "You're wasting your time."

"God forbid!" says Jacob. "I'm praying to the Almighty God, who has performed wonders and miracles like leading the Jewish people out of Egypt and helping them cross the Red Sea."

Arthur scoffs and says, "Please, you think that really happened? I read that the Red Sea was only about 10 inches deep when the Hebrews left Egypt, so there was no miracle at all!"

Arthur walks towards the bus stop, but looks back and sees Jacob still praying. He can't resist so he turns back and asks Jacob, "Why are you still praying? I told you that God didn't perform any miracles in Egypt!"

"Oh no," says Jacob, "the Almighty God is greater than I thought. How miraculous that he was able to drown an army of Egyptians in only 10 inches of water!"


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