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Doctor Dues

July 23, 2009 | by


Issy is not well and goes to see Doctor Myers. After examining him, Doctor Myers says, "Well, I can help you, but it will require many sessions."

"OK," says Issy, "how much is this going to cost me?"

"The 12 sessions plus drugs will cost you $1000," replies Doctor Myers.

"Oy," says Issy, "I’m not a wealthy man, Doctor. Couldn’t you make it less?"

"Well … I could do it for $850," replies Doctor Myers.

"It’s still more than I can afford, Doctor," says Issy. "I’ve got 3 children and a wife to support."

"OK," says Doctor Myers, "how about $700?"

"It’s still too high, Doctor," says Issy. "My business is doing terrible and my wife has told her mother that she can live with us."

"Alright already," says Doctor Myers, "I’ll do it for $600 and not a penny less."

"Thanks doctor, I can do that," says Issy.

"Good," says Doctor Myers, "but tell me – why did you come to me to seek treatment when you know I’m the most expensive doctor in this area?"

"Well," replies Issy, "you’ve got a marvellous reputation and when it comes to my health, money is no object!"


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